Celebrating 20 years since first hardcopy publication of KESTS to GEO

Celebrating the twenty year anniversary of the first hardcopy published article on my "KESTS to GEO" concept, I have made a web page about it. Although there was clearly ongoing interference with my efforts to communicate my technological conceptual design ideas even back then, as continues even nowadays, as a member of the all-volunteer-published slick magazine "Meditation" staff, there was some consideration of my own efforts at writing and getting published. Thus my article "TreeHouse Haven" ceased to be rejected by the magazine and finally got published, in the Winter 1990 edition.

The "TreeHouse Haven" article was written to an audience not much interested in technology; but who were interested in healthful things like meditation, and in "saving the planet" from the errors of busy goofy tunnel-visioned mankind. That issue of "Meditation Magazine" was dedicated to "Relationships," so this article focused on mankind's relationship with the planetary ecosystem and civilization's wellbeing, as potentially greatly enhanced by this "KESTS to GEO" transportation system concept, opening up civilization to high earth orbit in a very big way, due to its extremely energy efficient, electrically powered, continuous transportation capacity (in great contrast to extraordinarily energy inefficient transportation by the reaction engined vehicles exclusively exclusively used by aerospace at present.) And, it did not require the development of a super high strength material, such as was required by the more familiar anchored tether "Space Elevator" concepts. Thus the applications it would have enabled would have dealt with such problems as the need for abundant clean electrical energy and room to live well and have plentiful food, all made possible due to that very low cost access to GEO from the equatorial ground. If properly built and utilized, of course.

Sure, it got righteously ignored and suppressed by those whose fortunes were tied up in the conventional aerospace business system, who were the only ones who would be able to implement the KESTS to GEO transportation structure and space applications like finally making possible construction of large scale Solar Power Satellites in GEO. But I did my best to let people know of this great opportunity for their near future wellbeing. I had been publicly writing up the idea as as it grew in stages in my mind, such as on the GEnie network (back before the internet was available to the public) and giving talks on it at small groups in the Los Angeles area at the time. But it's principles were just too different from the conventional way of doing things, despite being only a re-configuration of existing technology uses, to apparently be comprehensible by those steeped in conventional aerospace.

And it was not until 2000, ten years later, that I finally got a formal technical article published, in hardcopy form, as a peer reviewed technical article (ASCE Space 2000 conference proceedings.) Although that article had an exclusive copyright on the article, I do have the slides of my presentation that can be seen here: vg space2000.htm

So this is really the 20th anniversary of the first hardcopy published of a somewhat non-technical article on the "KESTS to GEO" conceptual design, but also the 10th anniversary of the first hardcopy published peer-reviewed technical article on the concept. Considering the extremely difficult struggles I had over those years, living in near poverty much of the time, I think these are achievements worth acknowledging.

Congratulations, "KESTS to GEO" concept, on your 20th and 10th years as published in hardcopy articles.

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