I seem to not be motivated to do much today

I seem to not be motivated to do much today, so far. I think some of it is due to the discouragement from watching the Obama forum with the House-Senate yesterday, realizing that there are so many influential opponents who seem to be displaying hypnotically conditioned direction and tribalistic unity against an opponent, instead of people who are working for all Americans. And I doubt the hypnotically conditioned fanatic "Republicans" there are even aware of what was done to them, or seek to know why it was done. Really worried re America and indeed the whole world if they get control of America's military direction again. I think the world is aware of the danger too. And, the whole "health" debate seems to me to be barking up the wrong tree, in the first place, if they are actually trying to improve health at much lower cost; it seems just a debate on how to deal with "insurance" costs. It is as sticky a mess as was created by upsetting the Iraq-Iran power balance, a pandoras box of powerful vested interests rather mindlessly and fanatically fighting, generally stuck in the fear-and-greed mode. That mode is sprinkled around in our country too and so we also are part of the problem instead of the solution. When dealing with powerful people like that, even providing them a potential solution will just get ignored, so why bother struggling to find a solution, it seems to me this morning. Is America only just like a couple of football teams bashing it out in the cheering stadium? The funding of the world of science is also controlled by such folks, thus their effect even has been too strongly guiding the path of science.

We probably would not have even gone to the Moon or even into space at all, if it had not been for the football-like-conflict of Russia vs America, fearing the other would put weapons aimed at them on the Moon. Even now we ignore the tremendous resources in nearby space, catering only to the petty business whims which necessarily need to get quick profit to survive, and they block public awareness of the technologies that could have solved many of our energy and environmental problems we are increasingly enduring. I of course in part refer to the potential utilization of my "space escalator carousel" "KESTS to GEO" type space access means to enable abundant 24/7 "clean" energy from solar power satellites construction and maintenance in GEO, and solar powered total recycling plants, all enabled by very inexpensive, large scale capacity, solar electric powered continuous transportation from the ground up to GEO and back. But no, we have instead been obsessed with playing our business-political power games of fear and greed, stuck in conventional rockets and LEO satellites instead of taking rational responsibility for our fate and the tied fate of others around us.

Why has this happened, I wonder. I think I had held people in far too high esteem, too. Not that I don't seem to sabotage my own self too, at times; maybe the same phenomenon is happening to all the others too. Would that account for all the mess, I wonder.

The "health insurance" squabble, for example; which is deadlocked even on that part of the problem of how to provide far better health for Americans at far lower cost; all the folks whose livelihood depends on all those sick people for their income of course not wanting to lose their job nor investment income from that sickness pool. Also I was amused - or aghast - at the frequent assertion made in the forum that America has the best health care system in the world, ignoring the efficacy data and the statistics. Maybe they were afraid of saying anything otherwise which would not be in favor when they eventually go under the "medical" knife, becoming merely another malpractice suit or even ignored and forgotten, a scary thought even to a powerful lawmaker.

Medicine and healing needs to return to the goal of continuing health and full functionality for all, instead of being an arena of power and wealth; but how to get there from here, I don't know at this point. Where did we go wrong, and how to get back on track? Efficacy might be a primary key, along with the full unbiased enabling of such efficacy determinations - along with having broader purer motivations, of course.

P. S. In retrospect, I think that Rorschach (of Ink Blot fame) rides again - and its all over the place.

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