Governed by a consortium of corporations

With the takeover of Kennedy's seat by the GOP yesterday in Massachusetts, and thus ending the Democrat's majority for being able to get projects done despite the phalanx of the GOP, I once again have been idly and briefly thinking: could the United States really be governed by a consortium of corporations run solely to make maximum profit for least value added? And presumably have the elected government only have the remaining function of interfacing with those that are there for "providing the common defense," in other words, merely for the civilian population to interface with the Pentagon. All else would be privatized.

Government would then no longer function to enable the projects needed for integrating the nation for wholesomeness of the entire American people, in that scenario. For example, such as the nation's transportation system's upkeep and improvement. Such activities, if they continued at all, could only be done by corporations for profit, extracting money from anybody who would want to drive or ride anywhere, extracted on the spot. Toll booths at every interstate border, maybe even at every city limit.

Healthcare would get far worse than it already is, in such a mode; even more businessmen figuring out a way to weasel in to leverage a monetary portion of all healing that went on. It is sick people that would bring in maximum business for such medical-related businessmen; it is not not well people. To make maximum profit for least value added, guess what. Even I can see the game.

New hordes of businessmen of the in-group to get easy money, the easy life, for joining in. Would that really be a way to prevent a tyrant from taking over the government someday?

This kind of scenario seems to me to maybe be the basic vision the GOP party says it promotes. And some indication that some of them believe the ends justifies the means; lots of fear synchronized in the news gets scared people to vote for the GOP, typically, instead of courageously daring to reach for a better life. Is their way the only option against some day a dictator taking over and ruling everybody for selfish purposes, absolute power corrupting absolutely? Is a horde of petty tyrants preferable to one humongous tyrant, in other words. Surely this country has better options than either of those.

Making the assumption that a country could be benevolently run by a group of corporations which are solely ruled by maximizing corporate profits to supply to their investors, maybe that could work, if somehow "maximum profit for least value added" could equate in aggregate to "maximum improvement in life quality for all Americans." Right now, there seems to me to be a very large gap between the two, needing to be bridged.

Additionally, there seems to be a continuing pattern of gamesmanship, for the purpose of making winners by making losers of the other folks. While this fits in the finest of exciting team sports activities, and thereby conditioning the mentalities of enthusiasts, American government "by the people and for the people" does not seem to me to be an appropriate place for that kind of activity. (PS BTW the new law that corporations can spend unlimited advertising and pressure for their narrow interests, as if they were an individual, suggests that the government "by the people and for the people" will soon need to be changed to read "American government by the most powerful corporations for the most powerful corporations."

The GOP has at times in the past been a fine political group that was able to accomplish great things for America. But it has too often been largely taken over by narrow interest groups that are far more for themselves than for America. And some of the current power in the GOP possibly comes from their aggregate guilty feelings about some of what they did in the eight years of the previous administration, and use the tactic of pointing the finger of blame away from themselves furiously so as to prevent having to deal with their own huge errors. Blaming is a dominant mode of some of the psychological types; blaming of others, that is. Yet the only constructive mode is to identify problem origins as problems, seek how to avoid falling into those modes again, and move on to get the job done of making America function optimally for Americans - instead of for powerful narrow interest groups that have expertise in greed, deception, smoke&mirrors and insideously spreading false information about their supposed enemies, yikes! I recently saw a circulating email where they had a long list of public works over the decades initiated by Democrats and saying they were all failures as proven by the assertion that they had not made a profit! Clearly they missed the point of it all; we are all on the same ship together, why can't they see that? Such is the philosophy they have, such tunnel special interest vision. Almost as if they function as mere predators on America and its resources. Winner take all. Making profit instead of making better, basically, seems to be their implied golden standard. Yet there surely are worthy skills among even those who practice such things; American needs to find ways to enable those fine honorable and constructive modes to shine forth in them, as in all Americans.

Ah, well, there are a huge number of things people do that seem to make little sense to me. To ponder it too much is just another crazymaker. Write a little rant in a blog that others seem to not be able to find, write it off as done. Looks like we the American population are due for more experience in getting our noses rubbed in it, to eventually learn the lesson. Surely there are more interesting and fun ways to get the daily dose of drama, to keep life from being boring. And yes, I know they did not ask me. So, what's new, as it is said.

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