And now John Murtha

Another in a long chain of "unfortunate events" in the conventional health care system. There are untold fortunes tied up in maintaining the existing health care industry & its compadre health insurance industry. So if you are a Democratic congressperson or Senator, it looks to me like you better stay out of the clutches of the conventional health care system, while the health care system is being attempted to get reformed a little bit in the current "healthcare" legislative efforts. Kennedy; now Murtha. Died of complications from gall bladder surgery? This is a common safe procedure. But of course, can be opportunity for any number of unfortunate complications, well known to exist but little excuse to have happen. And that "alternative" wellbeing protocols might have made any surgery unnecessary, is just another frustration to me. The guidance of industrial science R&D solely to maximize the bottom line is not at all the same as the guidance for optimum American health or wellbeing of any sort; it is just for more money for the comprehension-blind investors.

I too have been outspoken a bit too much on the corrupt healthcare system in this country. But silence is cowardice; even though sometimes discretion is better than valor. Sometimes, silence is just too frustrating.

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