Glad to read that former President Bill Clinton is feeling fine

Glad to read that former President Bill Clinton is feeling fine after the recent artery medical stuff. I think he is one of the great people of my lifetime, and that will be shown clearly in the future, when all the political mud throwing and business-driven dirty work has all turned into compost, that the real stuff of life will shine through and show that Bill Clinton was one of the finest greats of America, leading our country into prosperity and even nicely paying off the national debt. Despite enduring grief that would have broken lesser men, over and over again, he made the wise guidance decisions that led America surprisingly very well. Of course, the woman behind the throne is always a major factor in a great leader; and life mostly without her must be another terrible strain on him nowadays. His worldwide travels and projects since leaving office continue to show his fine character.

Perhaps, looking back, the future will also discover something about the Bill Clinton era, that the opposition to him and his programs inadvertently displayed the weaknesses that humanity must learn to recognize and take responsibility for, lest it continue to sap the strength of our nation.

(And with luck, someone will teach Bill Clinton the EFT meridian point tapping technique, to help him deal with some of the current stress, too.)



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