Strange world this is

In the past I believed that if someone, such as I, found a way to help humanity solve some huge problems upcoming, that humanity would immediately create a group project to do it, or at least effectively explore its potentials and feasibility, and involve me appropriately in that activity too.

Senior age status is upon me now, and the reality testing of that belief over the decades, has proven the belief false. Almost, but not quite, 100% false.

So it is said that I am naive. Apparently that explains why humanity does not form itself into a process that solves humanity’s huge problems obvious to all who look. It must be my Asperger’s Syndrome that prevents me from comprehending that. Look at the wonders humanity has created, such as suspension bridges, automobiles, personal computers, and DNA analysis. Surely humanity got together and did those things. No?

Anyway, throughout my lifetime I searched for ways to solve some of the upcoming problems on my own, and when I figured out a cohesive seeming approach, I would do my best to communicate it to those who could do the next steps, they who could make it happen physically. There often were big obstacles, but usually i could find a way to utilize the basic concept to humanity’s advantage, while time and effort would eventually deal with the “big obstacle” to its most desirable usage.

Did humanity swoop in and receive me and my achievements in welcome, each time? Well, sometimes I would find that all my files at home on some idea would have been expertly burglarized, all proof I had the idea had been removed from my possession; but otherwise, they usually did not acknowledge my efforts.

One company did acknowledge me on a patent, but that was an idea i generated to solve some problem that they had jammed up against. But most engineers simply found my solutions embarrassing to them. Embarrassing someone, even unintentionally and in effort to help them solve their problems, is a big no-no, I have learned. Strange world this is.

Clearly, I did not understand who I was dealing with, this humanity that I was attempting to help.

So it looked like my concepts to help humanity would need to be done by companies. I tried several companies, some as an outsider, some as an employee; but each was totally engrossed in what it was already doing. Was i supposed to try to create a company to make it happen? That would take me getting lots of people to cooperate with me, and i could not even get a nice woman to make love with me for her enjoyment and mine, so what chance a whole company full of people, for mutual fine benefit? Zilch. I formed the summary analog that I could not sell a tall glass of cool clear water to a man dying of thirst in the hot desert, nor even give it away to him freely to save his life , he would refuse it from me or pretend it and I did not exist. That was the pattern I found, summarized, over and over again.

Wasn’t the Government supposed to fill in, where the individual companies did not cover the bases in their particular profit seeking paths? Well, the Government seemed to be supportive of others ideas; but, for example, they would give grants for individual research, but not to pursue humanity-helping projects per se, but only would give a grant if the person was an underemployed degreed person. A non-degreed person would not be considered for a grant no matter what concept the person wanted to explore. If the person had a degree, the grant could be gotten even if no worthwhile concept was involved. Apparently the government grants were only to help maintain a technologically competent workforce in case of later need by business, and had no interest in actual concept development to help the country or humanity. If an unemployed degreed person wanted to piddle with an idea, fine, but otherwise, forget the idea.

Even corporations seemed to not be dedicated to making a thing happen worthwhile to humanity. If humanity did get helped on a significant way by the activities of the company, it seemed of no interest. The company was a group of people who were all busy playing a big game, much too complex for me to comprehend, yet it was the game, not the product or the guiding concept behind the product, that was the focus. Playing those games was not something i had been able to learn to do, even in kindergarden I just did not get it. The chained violence required in the games, like “Red Rover Come Over” soon proved me incompetent to the max and soon was no longer invited to any team. So to earn a living, i contented myself to doing the grunt work at the bottom of the corporate heap, while I continued to develop my own concepts to help humanity, as home personal projects, unrelated to the jobs for which i was paid, and could do well.

Maximizing profit for the company, and therefore for the stockholders who had no interest in exactly what the company did to produce the dividend checks, seemed to be the guideline. There was not a direct link to human need, except for what leverage the need could be used for to squeeze out some money by the consumer. The consumer could not request the best product for the price, or even any particular product that was needed. The things that got produced were the things that made the company the most profit; the company was forbidden to produce a product that would help people more, if it resulted in less profit for the company. It seemed to me that there were some Big Picture awareness problems going on. Weren’t these people humanity? Wasn’t civilization being built consciously? Were they attempting to make an algorithm work merely by maximizing profit?

Those who I needed to make the things that would greatly help humanity and civilization, best i could determine, were totally engrossed in their game, and quite ignored me, except to sometimes make a lot of noise as if they had something better than what i had proposed, all the while pretending I and my concepts did not exist. And it was only they who could make my concepts into reality for civilization’s benefit. This is their civilization. And mine. And they were ever whooping it up with their games of power and wealth and ego elite, who is better than who, occasionally tearing an adversary down so as to boost themselves up. Instead of helping civilization. If the game is so very distracting from the provision of the essentials of life, I’m not sure I would want to play the game even if I were capable of playing it. Sour grapes? Maybe, but maybe not.


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