Small Rituals

Is all life made of rituals? The brain's R-Complex performs physical actions, such as walking, by rituals of triggering sub-rituals of sub-rituals down to neuron-firing pulse trains to cause muscle fibers to contract in learned locations. And in upward levels of rituals, probably emotional responses are similarly rituals. And education's mental patterns, they also seem able to be viewed as ritual subroutines, like "2+2=4". In fact, all of thinking and doing can be viewed as a complex system of rituals triggering each other, lungs breathing, heart beating, food digesting, and external stimuli such as a phone call or stop light changing color ahead of oneself on the road, dump their stuff into the ongoing orchestration of one's rituals singing their internal song, modifying its overall envelope to some extent. Yet, ever seeking homeostasis thereby, in all things. Even spiritual, such as church rituals; meditation; imagination; the Disney movie fantasia brought new patterns of rituals for my life decades ago, thus even imagination is composed of symbolic subroutines linking ever into new ritual as to music. Can small rituals be viewed as symbolic representations of life's bits? Is meaningfulness the interrelationship of small rituals' symbolic representations?

J E D Cline 20060104

PS: It is amazing the interference to this posting: late to leave for work, but getting it done; frantic typing from my original handwriting; when telling blogger to post it, suddenly phone line broke somewhere; then computer locked up in disconnecting and would not even force quit the interconnect software which ran on and on saying it was disconnecting; I had to restart compouter and start all over.


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