Asperger's again attempting to understand the world of people

It seems to me that current average America functions analogously to the fire department. Emergency alarms, we rush out in shiny big equipment, scattering everyone in our path, then we rush on to fighting a fire bravely and expertly or maybe rescuing injured persons, while onlookers stand back with awe during the exciting firefighting rescue; then we put equipment away write report on event, go back to fire station, where we resume whiling away our time staying fit and alert for fast response when the next emergency call comes in. Occasionally some will wander their neighborhood, advising people on fire safety. But overall, it is a life of exercises to stay in shape, not rocking the boat in any way, and occasionally participating in exciting adventure when things fall apart somewhere and we go rescue and save some pieces if possible conveniently. Beyond teaching and advising some common sense rules for fire safety environment-maintaining, nothing is even thought of re changing the pattern of life.

People live hand to mouth and are specialists in tough-guy, so there is no sense for firemen nor others to point out potentially better lifestyles for near future. So it is a static existence, meniality and sports events and occasional patching up via firemen when it self-destructs somewhere. And if someone speaks up and suggests how to make some changes to the system so things don't self destruct occasionally, the public is angered by thought of them having to struggle to deal with even more nuisance, as they are pushing themselves along as hard as they care to go anyway.

The motto "don't fix it if it ain't broke" does allow things to work as long as they can, without extra downtime while somebody takes it apart and tests it and re-assembles it, then restores it into operation again. However, the lack of doing preventative maintenance, means one must have resources to stop everything while emergency happens when the thing breaks, causing calamity awhile. Exciting a lot of otherwise rather bored people however; maybe that is a key reward for the game.

"Staying in control of the situation" really is a task of keeping the social hierarchy intact, and is of particular importance to the ones on top of the hierarchy heap, the "rich elite" who live the good life and only need to prevent the boat from being rocked. Thus to them, the preservation of the status quo is the top law of the land. If some underly from the rabble makes noises about "your place is built on shifting sand and your well is drying up", and that he/she knows how to help you fix those problems, that really is seen as a challenge to the rich-elite's reputation of super competent superiority, and is to be treated like any assaultive intruder's challenge is to be treated. The rabble just doesn't understand that the Rich-Elite doesn't need to shore up his/her place built on shifting sand, nor worry re well drying up, because if the place collapses and the well goes dry, the rich-elite merely grabs away from the rabble's possessions until the loss is made up, and stability returns. Simple as that.


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