Laughter purity

Somewhere, we lost it, back when as a little child, our soul’s power pump of sheer laughter in the simple delightful joy of life, became corrupted into the “laughing AT someone", the essence of declaring “thou fool", by the ego. That is where we went wrong, the slithery monkey ego slipped in and took over. Even by invitation by the comedian to laugh at him, is still a “thou fool” laugh-at-someone thing.

I did not realize this, even in reading the biblical harsh declaration by Jesus on the “thou fool” subject.

That wonderful healthy laughter as little children, is not tainted by the ego’s upsmanship craving; and now how fortunate we are that a teaching newly exists for return to the pure power-pump of soul’s life laughter!

A “new” kind of laughter can be easily learned n a group process, which goes by the name of “Laughter Yoga”, a recreational activity gaining practice around the world. It is back to basics, reset by an elegantly simple solution.

(It is the laughing “at”, that was where we went wrong, that little change of “at” enslaved our soul’s power pump, snuck in there by our monkey ego. Watch out for that monkey, it still lurks, wants our soul's power.)

Truly a blessing in world time of need, Laughter Yoga’s process quickly teaches tools to free one’s soul’s power pump back to oneself. Without the "at", just do the laugh!

Laughter Yoga teaches how to laugh as a merely physical thing, without attached meaning. Then one learns to do the laugh for the sheer joy of it, and to express expreciation to others, to do apology, to feel sadness followed by laughter, to express conflict with others while laughing cheerfully simultaneously with them.

And the balancing clap of hands to the voicing of "Ho!, ho!, ha!-ha!-ha!; Ho!, ho!, ha!-ha!-ha!" signalling a move into another mode of expression.

The intent of Laughter Yoga, as told by its originator Dr. Kataria, is that through the healing the internal war within oneself, that similarly war externally will then fade away.

A much more comfortable way of living, results for all.


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