Government by Corporation?

My understanding of the present Administration is that it hss a basic belief that by having corporate business analysis be the reality testing that determines which products that are really needed, so as to not waste effort, and that the employee-watchdogging of corporations will prevent people from being parasites on the overall system by getting money without doing equivalent work, as is thought to be the downfall of the 1960’s era economic system of some other nations back then. And it all has some logic to it, might could work, one could think, especially if one’s fellows say so.

Yet, having been an employee of many corporations during some 36 years of being employed in electronics technology in corporations, as well as being an innovator far beyond my employment tasks and making many attempts to use the corporate entity to take on the tasks I saw as potentially profitable for them and highly useful to humanity. Reality-testing happens: what I found was that corporate staff, of even highest level aerospace, said they were building space hardware and managing space projects solely as contractor for that purpose, and had zero interest in helping promote further projects that surely would bring them huge new space-related contracts in the future (for example, see my efforts to get my Centristation concept project to happen, conversations with Rockwell Corporation which had major technology for Space Shuttle that with SSME and lifting body reentry reusable spacecraft design capability would be directly in line to benefit by such projects, and my prior related independent struggle to write, present at technology conference and get published the LEO-toroidial habitat “Wet Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules” ...SSI-Princeton-AIAA pub, 1995.)

At the other end of the innovation spectrum, I found that corporations demand uncompensated ownership of all employees’ ideas, yet in reality they pursued only those which solved some problem they had not anticipated, in the flow of their pre-planned projects; and even then were seemingly embarrassed that an underling solved their problem and so tended to bury the event (I don’t want to embarrass anyone here, but one major example is regarding the innovation I suggested to employer in 1967 to put a digital divider in the feedback loop of a Phase Locked Loop to make it do an entirely new kind of thing, becoming a very accurate frequency multiplier thereby ... a technique which has since then found very wide application throughout industry, a proven-good idea.) Only one employer put my name on a patent (Pertec Computer Corporation, in 1976 re a phase detector for digital data synchronization of a PLL, ironically an improvement on the basic phase detector I had suggested as part of my PLL suggestion long before, to a different employer.)

The point here is that the dependence on the corporate business mentality to determine everything that gets done, guided solely by anticipation of quick profit in responsibility to its stockholders, does not work for providing for long range planning needs of the nation of a whole, nor does it utilize the basic creative innovation base of the nation, the employees; nor do corporations act responsibly re those ideas upon which innovative solutions are sparked, offside of managerial vision arenas. It has not worked, except for it’s original intent: to get together to make a profit by creating some specific products ... period. It would be nice if this mentality would provide for all things necessary and desirable for a nation of people, but it does not have that consciousness, unfortunately. Something far more is needed.

Will people see the wisdom in the above-mentioned information? Not likely, as people nowadays tend to be far more interested in being scared by something, probably so as to get distracted from the boredom of being some cog in the everyday 9-to-5 machine.

And as for my own mostly-unrelated parallel drama regarding accidental witnessing of some part of strange violence long ago, it seems merely another case of bully-thug mentality threatening to squash anyone who sees the bully’s secret violence and does not have the sense to keep his Asperger’s Syndrome mouth entirely shut about it... treason?... no such thing, though it could be due to not being privy to knowledge about all goings on of the big-boys. Monkey-like games are of little interest to me except to avoid as much as possible getting hurt by those who crave to play them. Humanity has far more wonderful kinds of doings than that, which are my true interests, and I encourage others to focus on those higher qualities’ actualization, now and in the future, regardless of what happens, even remembering Aristotle's end. “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again”, as it is said.

There can be high adventure galore (for some example suggestions, see my own web pages like for some ideas regarding exactly what) in the creation of high civilization of which people surely are capable of doing; goofs like the last flights of Challenger and Columbia are part of that adventure’s error-correcting path... as for those losses, compare with the annual losses of such things as fatalities in such things as the nation's annual rate of car accidents, annual errors in the nation's medicine application, and our ongoing conflicts with other countries. Let’s go for a higher kind of drama than those, Are we not truly humanity: men and women wonderfully capable and on the go, enjoying each other in the dance of life of our planet? Let’s be that, instead.

James E D Cline 20050901


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