Peoples' Temperaments in the flow of the go

The progression of creation of an electrically powered space access system needs to be done in a feedback system, where examination of how things are now, the trends happening, compare them with the ideals of life and form vision of flow from the present into the preferred future; create the rationale for the doings of that change, as based on the best understandings we currently have of the workings of the universe; modifying the vision with its rationale so as to mate with the world as it is with its actual guiding principles of the workings of mankind in the social and physical environment, lace this holistic plan into the muscles of the physical world and set them loose to go for it, ever watching for the real world effects and make adjustments through this system so as to course correct for the preferred ideals of life being fulfilled and likely to continue to be fulfilled.

Note the formal names of the four Keirseyan Temperaments as taught in Linda Berens' books are: Idealist, Rational, Guardian, and Artisan. And that particular sequence is utilized in the above paragraph (yes, I'm of the Idealist Temperament type.) Archetypally imagine four people on an assembly line, one each of the above temperaments, and the assembly line is creating the complete electrically powered space access system. -- or, whatever your system is.


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