Clustering: Responsibility to the Nation

Responsibility to the Nation

Responsibility has many facets, and there is a human individual (or group) tendency to focus on only part of them. For example, the creation and potential implementation of my KESTS to GEO project seems one of, or perhaps the only one of, ways to supply the country and civilization itself with adequate clean energy and environment, via lifting SSPS into GEO and total recycling mass-spec type facilities into GEO, when petrochemicals become severely uneconomical in the near future; so it seems there is high responsibility to make KESTS to GEO, and also probably anchored tether space elevators, happen as soon as possible, getting started ASAP due to the long lead time needed for unfamiliar technology configurations, despite its poor fit with existing space enterprises. I've pointed the finger of blame at businessmen and politicos that have apparently been stifling KESTS to GEO, including interference with my technical paper publications and with the few people who are knowledgeable enough and wise enough to be supportive of KESTS to GEO. Yet there are indications "responsibility" definition is a variable per one's Temperament type. As an Idealist Temperament type man, I focus on responsibility to the future of the nation, of civilization; yet a Guardian Temperament type person might consider "responsibility" be to the past, to maintaining traditions, all else being "irresponsible fluff" to them. Artisan Temperament people might focus "responsibility" to the correctness and efficiency of getting something done, but not particularly focused on exactly what is being done, however; the "doing" being the only major responsibility. Rational Temperament types might consider responsibility to focus on credibility issues, interlock fitness with the existing accepted knowledge base. As a whole people functions optimally with all the Temperaments doing their thing continually and with some harmony, I too would do well to wisely consider the viewpoint focus of other Temperaments other than my own, and integrate the wisdom found in those other Temperament focus viewpoint aspects of "responsibility".


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