20040714 #2 living on-purpose: prepare future spacerail

Inspiring living on-purpose with wisdom, as mankind the great builder, amplifying the great process of life:

A space rail elevator economical full access between the ground up to high earth synchronous orbit so as to build in GEO great works for powering all humanity with abundant electrical power cleanly, to purify toxic materials made in civilization's processes and make the materials available for new purposes, to build new living space in GEO, and to build ports of economical access to the vast material resources of the solar system, all solar of this being powered.

This comes at a time when most people are "too busy" to think about it; Survivalists stuff their rural stronghold nests, Sustainable-living folk learn to scratch an existence also rurally; others hack at the civilization, thinking the problem is "too many people"; others grab for whatever remaining petrochemical fuel resources can be found; and rising panic in the population is quelled by drugging the population. Is this a worthy application of mankind? Does this have to be a time of "grab all you can while the energy-built civilization starves for fuel and is in collapse? Note that unless a launched satellite is completely given energy and direction to fully achieve an orbit, it will come crashing back down; civilization now is analogous to that. The KESTS to GEO conceptual designs offer direction to fully achieve sustainable orbit for civilization.


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