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These are all "works in progress".

The above is my original freebie website, online since 1996 so it "just grew", has info on a wider range of stuff, such as advanced transportation ideas, holistic info, technological poetry, personal info re life achievements, etc. Also has copies of some of my GEnie network files posted starting in 1988, (but vanished when internet became publically available.)

Above URL is for my website mostly dedicated to my hobby of designing a space transportation system adequate for the upcoming petrochemical energy starving world, could lift construction materials for building satellite solar power stations into high earth orbit, lift materials for large scale total recycling mass-spectrometer-type facilities in GEO, make GEO the primary spaceport with cheap electrical lift of spacecraft from ground up to GEO, eventual build large scale cities there in GEO, opening the high frontier truly for all who want to go there. Best: when SSPS up and running in GEO, they can power the transportation system to space even when petrochemical fuel is running out, making continuing space access possible even with no chemical fuel for conventional launches is available. I urge get started now before things get too distractingly tough. Unfortunately, KESTS to GEO is being heavily stiffled, presumably by rival businessmen and politicos, irresponsible to the future of humanity, waiting for this older man to dissappear. (Over the years, most -- but not all -- of my many innovative sparks for people's projects have been forgoten or ignored, no credit given to me.) And lots of jobs, fortunes to be made, can make the good life for people IF done correctly: it would have a better chance at success if I am involved adequately in implementation. Since most of my employed career was as a top level Sr Engineering Technician in R&D in electronics, I have a good sense of what will or will not work, and skill at approaches to how to change them so as to make them work. The integrated conceptual design I have been developing and talking about since 1988 and have named "KESTS to GEO," has a good fit with technological principles.

Writing a tutorial on making thin sections at Natural History Museum Invertebrate Paleontology facilities (a volunteer task).


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