20040714#3 acronym meaning of "KESTS to GEO"

The acronym, initials, of "KESTS to GEO" stands for Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structures to Geostationary Earth Orbit. This is a conceptual design for a space rail elevator integrated with the applications it would enable, powered by the Sun, to continue our high-energy, high population civilization, ever more harmonious with the interconnected web of all life on Earth. It is intended that you will be inspired to seek and achieve ever greater works with a sense of its place and potential function in the wider picture of existence. What you do (and what you don't do) are partly your responsibility. Live lessening reactivity and increasingly on-purpose with your greatest possible wisdom of the moment. Living on purpose with wisdom.

The idea of building a spacerail encircling the earth elliptically between ground and GEO seems preposterous to almost everybody. Nonetheless, no one has yet to give reason why it won't work; and after putting the concept out via GEnie network in 1988 and then on internet starting in 1996, (earthlink freebie site) I now have versions of it formally published in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, ASCE finally acknowledges it to some extent, and it is more a civil engineering project concept than simply aerospace.

Using excess velocity in an OTT path to create centrifugal force slightly greater than that needed to offset force of gravity on stator mass with its loads, and using the same stored kinetic energy inductively drag tapped to lift spacecraft between ground up to GEO and gently back.

Jim Cline


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