cluster vignette: words


Words are symbols, representing something more physical; placeholders.

These representations of physical-world things can be more compactly stored, transported and reproduced, than their more physically real counterparts.

A requirement is that the words represent the same thing (more or less) to each person interacting with them.

Words can be combined into packets, self contained groups like sentences, paragraphs or stories. The grouped words enable ever more precisely defining a specific something.

Redundancy of words, saying the same thing two or more ways, as is done in the biblical Psalms, increases the likelihood of accuracy between intent of transmitter as compared to impression it produces in the receiver.

The Bible states “In the beginning was the Word...” which suggests to me now that those beginning Words were blueprint symbols, shaped empty spaces into which physical reality pours into where the two fit; thus electrons, atoms and stars were cast into physicality.

Like a blueprint guiding the making of a physical something, a symbolic model more mallable than physical reality, words define materials and process, including that of the songs of life,

Life’s placeholder patterns are made out of charactersets: the four of DNA’s double helix, the twenty-six of English, and how many are those of the minstrel’s songs of life?

-- James E. D. Cline 2004/04/09-13


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