On cellular phones and EMR physiological effects in general

A long-time acquaintance asked a question of me regarding possible effects of cellular phone usage on a person's split-second decisions. So I thought some of my ponderings about that would make a potentially useful blog post here, in my blog that seems unnoticed by others, or at least disdained. He had originally forwarded an article about electric car EMR proclamations. My reply is as follows, more or less:

Thanks for forwarding the EMR electric car item to me. I guess I replied too heavily. I have looked into the car EMR thing for over a decade and concluded that car manufacturers fixed the problem in later models OK. But the new electric cars, I don't know; would have far larger field strengths to start with, and who knows if the engineers that had fixed the older cars' EMR problems, might have not left a legacy for the newer folks. That was mostly a leukemia problem, BTW.

The case you are considering about the cell phone effects on brains and subtle decisions people make, is an important one, in my opinion.

There are large numbers of factors involved in making such decisions, and separating them out to make a particular one causative in a specific instance, such as you have described, is not easy to do.

Anatomy and neural configurations with the dynamic signal patterns ongoing, might well determine the result, if one could define all that down to the moment of decision. So one needs to make the problem smaller in hopes of making it workable to a solution.

One of the persons could be in a greater hurry, and mind engrossed in the urgent task about to be done, and stepped off the curb early so as to get a head start, but was distracted from checking re oncoming cars, by the busy thoughts. Lots of inputs could have caused the failure to stop-look-listen at that moment.

And one kind of that thought process disruption could be due to EMR effects, I think. Could be, but not necessarily so.

This is beyond the distraction effects if the person has a cell phone to ear and is talking on the phone when stepping off the curb, of course. And also beyond the subtle unobvious effects people sometimes have on each other, unrelated to cell phones and EMR. And of course is beyond the games people play against each other at times, which can get quite unobvious and even lethal if set up just right. The turmoil of bunches of people's doings is usually mostly beyond my comprehension, and too often of tragic results.

Much of my life has been spent in the presence of EMR of many kinds. It was involved in my career in electronics, as an incidental factor. I eventually came to the conclusion that there are injurious electrical fields, but one can deal with them if one knows about them and puts a bit of distance between oneself and the source.

I have concluded at this point that there are three basic kinds of EMR that can be injurious to a person, and they all blend into each other in some ways. They range from the high powered directed microwave beam that can cause a severe headache in a brief moment of being hit by it, and the resulting headache and thought disruption can last for weeks afterwards; I have been the target of such a weapon used from a vehicle but I had seen the microwave transmitter horn aimed at me too, thus was able to figure out something of the source, if not the reason. This appears to not be an accidental thing but rather a deliberate assault kind of thing. Other kinds of microwave beams can instead take a longer time but be a bit like being slowly cooked in a microwave oven, also a sneaky assaultive thing. Back at the end of the Cold War, the Soviets sold a technology to an American group, that used microwaves supposedly for sedating rowdy patients in mental hospitals from a distance - and no doubt other folks, too, as some people are ever making clever power plays on each other.

The second basic type of potentially injurious EMR is of much shorter range and much lower frequency. The common wall warts that plug into wall AC sockets to power our many electronic gadgets is one example of this kind of source. But the range of such signals is quite short, staying a few inches away often is enough for safety, as well as not being there physically very long. Some electric motors, like used in some small fans, or even older electric clocks, can put out a huge EMR field that can at least temporarily fog up a person's thinking, and might cause long lasting mental disruption. The back part of the old CRT type computer monitors were also a source of this problem, especially in the early ones; but it was not entirely solvable, so the flat screen LCD computer screens are much better - though they have their own shorter range problem from their back lighting.

The third type of EMR problem is one of my own hypotheses and have not read of it anywhere in the literature. I would call it "pattern effects" and is quite mysterious to me; it seems to be an effect caused by the pattern of electrical circuitry and steady state signals ongoing in them, and has an effect only at very close distance.

All three of the above could be ongoing when one has a cellular phone to one's ear. There is the short wavelength radio frequency being emitted by the antenna. There is the low frequency magnetic fields by transformers in its power supply, in some phones. And finally, the incidental effects of the pattern of the electrical circuitry and recurrent signals flowing through them.

Whether any or all of these factors is causing a problem short or long term with a given person, is not known unless properly evaluated. And that would not be easy to do. And there is no incentive by the cellular phone people to pay to evaluate, especially if there were possibility that it might not be in their favor. Corporations usually have a physicist talk about effects of a motionless magnet of some field strength, and falsely imply that its benign effects are the same as an alternating magnetic field of the same strength. And there are many kinds of cell phones, each would need to adequately be evaluated. It is not being done, as far as I know.

There are also the previously mentioned lower frequency-specific effects of alternating magnetic fields, affecting some bodily functions, as played with by Tesla among others - remember the white-suited Mark Twain incident I mentioned.

I also have had a long time hobby that is frequency specific, but involves essentially no magnetic fields, but instead uses the small currents delivered between a couple of copper pipe handholds at a voltage around 9 volts. These are pulsed signals, and follows discoveries made by others far more informed in the field than I am. But I have built and tested instruments that push the envelope a bit and thus give me a sense of doing something potentially useful to mankind. Not likely to be used - people consider me a nobody and thus to be ignored - but I make the possibility happen. Among them are very specific bioresonant frequency signals that appear to target some kinds of parasites that sometimes set up housekeeping in the brain, such as Ascaris or Shigella flexneri; and thus the signals can help remove a potential disruptor of a person's mental function a little, if done correctly. Seems to be helping me, for example. I have made a couple web pages about that, see if interested.

I consider it best to use a headset for a cell phone, and have the cell phone itself kept in a carrying case down away from the head and preferably from important internal organs, and have something keeping it away from the body an inch or two. Or, in my case, keep the cell phone turned off unless needing to make a call or waiting for a call to arrive in a brief time, thus minimizing the exposure time.

And it is important to have enough of one's attention to be utilized in self awareness and ongoing situational awareness, to avoid the distraction factor too, but that is not necessarily part of the EMR thing, although ongoing EMR might also subtly interfere with the instantaneous decision-making of the brain.

People do not generally ask my opinion about such things, so I hope I have not bored you too much with my taking the opportunity to pour out my otherwise unexpressed opinions on the subject. Thanks for asking, it helps my frustration about it all, a bit.

Equipment can usually be designed to reduce most of such problems to a low level; but, people must actually do that, or it does not get done, and thus things become haphazard as they are now. And overall it involves some factors not taught in college electronics engineering. And, a person can only deal with so much complexity at any given time, including engineers; and their managers might not know or care.

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