Yes good karma comes back too

I have achieved another milestone in my electro-herbalism hobby research adventures: here is a web page quickly thrown together with photos and schematics of my recently-completed "Audio Programmable Zapper 2012" instrument, externally programmable by the user, from 0.01 Hz to 800 KHz, that I conceptualized, designed, built, debugged and have done some basic research with it. index still at

The website page has a few photos and the as-built & tested schematics. I will put another two images in this post, below.

If the chassis looks like a lunchbox sandwich holder, that is what I used in which to build it.

And, I finally got to use my phase locked loop frequency multiplier in this instrument. Good karma does come back too; this one took some 45 years to come back. Works really nice.

Electro-herbalism utilizes the finding of large numbers of independent researchers, that living things, including structures within ourselves and the many types of tiny critters that live within us, have bio-resonant frequencies.

This new instrument that I have created extends the range of such frequencies up to over 800 KHz; and it is controllable by one's iPod or other audio player.

My low-key hobby research into this field over the past 15 years, has produced results that sometimes astonished my engineering critical viewpoint. Yet that viewpoint requires the acceptance of actual results as being valid reality testing. And so my new instrument could help me discover something interesting I did not know before.

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