Efforts at wisdoms for New Year's Day 2012

As is traditional on New year's Day, it is a time for reflecting and seeking wisdom for the coming year just starting.

My thoughts at this point appear to be those derived in the past:

---- Be constructive and productive whether or not someone is paying for it to be done. This expands one's skill sets or at least maintains them, and in some small way adds to the national GDP, instead of the day going to waste.

---- Somehow utilize the principle of value-added to set price levels of goods and services. (This is in contrast to setting price to the maximum that the market will bear, while paying as little as possible to gain that which is price-set.) This would more directly couple expenses and value received. It would also provide a fairer compensation to those doing the work of creating the items to be sold; thus, those who actually do the work that ultimately provides goodies for others, would similarly live a bit more comfortably and have money to spend on others products, making perhaps more experienced wiser choices than do many who are just skilled at buying & selling.

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