Wheat gluten sensitivity change

Something unusual for me has happened, a welcome change, so here is an account of it.

Occasionally I will give in to my craving for pizza, which typically has me down in the dumps, in a dimwitted lethargy, before even finishing the pizza. The wheat gluten in the pizza crust presumably hitting my wheat gluten sensitivity hard; I usually eat pizza when I expect to have the next three days not having to deal with anything significant; and by three days the glooms and lethargy have more or less returned to their normal low level.

So last night, not having fixed other dinner yet, I got out the pizza from the fridge, and baked it in the oven. Very tasty but a bit too hot at first out of the oven, it soon was gone. Back here at my computer I waited until bedtime, and noticed the usual dimwittedness and lethargy set in fairly solid, as typical these recent decades.

However, I managed to spend a few minutes testing an idea I had, before hitting the sack. I had recently created two sets of bioresonant frequencies for Cytochlasin B, and its 4th resonance, and I used my new zapper 2012 APZ instrument to apply them to myself through the handholds, about three minutes for each of the two frequency sets. (This is part of my hobby research in electro-herbalism ongoing for past 15 years or so.)

This morning when I woke up, I discovered I had slept the full eight hours, first time in a long time. I got up and did my morning routine. Somewhere along the way I realized that I was functioning as per normal, instead of being in the dimwitted lethargy depressed state expectable from having eaten so much wheat gluten the night before.

And that normal-for-me functional state continued, until mid-afternoon I seemed to be slowing down, so I spent another ten minutes running those two signals through myself as I had the night before. And since then, I seem to be my normal self. Which is fairly well for a 76 year old, enduring life without a woman

It has been a great many years since I have not had a severe reaction to wheat gluten, showing up as the glooms and dimwitted lethargy rapidly appearing and taking several days to gradually go away.

Now, I have been testing several things on myself in recent months, and have run a great number of signals through myself while working on preparing a library of electro-herbalism sets of control tracks for the experimental zapper-2012 instrument. I also have been exploring two other "alternative" devices, which may have had some longer term effect, maybe involved here too. But for now, my best guess is that it was the Cytochlasin B bioresonant signal sets, which is known to be found in pasta and is an immune system suppressant.

Whatever, it quite a surprising and welcome experience. So, this blog post about it. I have not heard of anything else that can deal with wheat gluten sensitivity, except total abstinence from wheat gluten and its relatives.

However, I need to keep on with these experiments, as surely there are other factors involved in my current wellbeing. Which, might not continue. Time will tell.

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