A welcome feeling when one's ideas are proclaimed viable by others

It provides a welcome feeling when one's ideas are proclaimed viable by others, even though they do not thank you and may well have independently thought of it too. It shows that one's innovative concepts are viable. Has happened many times for me; and here is another one.

The article titled "Cheap, biodegradable, biocompatible "Shrilk" is a potential plastic replacement" where they tell of using the material from exoskeletons of insects to make plastic-like materials, such as one that is as tough as aluminum alloy but is only half the weight.

My high-tech sci fi novel titled "Building Up" that I wrote in 2006, five years ago, described building items including spacesuits out of cockroach exoskeleton material. See the last two paragraphs in Chapter 11, (P. 96 in the paperback) and much of Chapter 16 "Cockroach Spacesuits" (such as on p. 124 of the paperback.)

Such happenings seem to validate one's existence. If only to oneself. Before the early e-book publishers started demanding that one charge for one's e-books, thousands of copies of "Building Up" were downloaded, so the hundreds of innovative technical ideas in that book have been circulating for a long time, hopefully seeding even more innovations by others in the future.

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