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Puzzling over the current problem of the newly elected congress people acting together to block Obama's efforts to help America recover and prosper again, I just now remembered what is going on there. There is a method to their madness.

The very few ultra-wealthy entities of America got them elected. In a popular vote system, so few people could have little influence, being such a miniscule fraction of the voters. The new GOP congress people that are now deliberately being a stumbling block, sometimes refer to their wealthy sponsors as "job creators." Now, past experience seems to indicate they are not much at job creating, being mostly motivated by chasing whatever makes the most money for the least effort; and all else falls by the wayside, since the wealthy are not responsible - in their minds - for the wellbeing of the whole - being only responsible for their own petty bottom lines.

But now I remember an earlier fracas time, when Obama pointed out that taxing the ultra-wealthy would provide ten times as many new jobs as would the wealthy create by themselves.

Thus the powerful motivation for the voters who put them into congress: by being part of the loyal grassroots of the GOP, they will get preferential acceptance into those 10% new jobs, that are doled out by the ultra-wealthy. Simple as that. Lots easier getting on that bandwagon, than working hard to increase one's competency on jobs.

And in an increasingly scarce job market, the more powerful leverage this is. All the new congress people have to do is hold out, causing America to default and bring chaos, so their ultra-wealthy sponsors can take over America like winnings at the crap table. And divvy it up to the loyal GOPers, leaving out the other 90% of American job seekers. Simple as that.

World, look out, if that happens. There is a huge pile of nukes that come with those winnings of the game players. The craving for "power" historically runs amok, especially when gained unjustly.

Among the forces in this scenario, however, is the strong force of "business as usual" among the big players. For example, like the oil producers: again start making vehicles that consume more gas to make more oil sales and more profit ... not seeing further than that.

And more fundamentally, because, the women will flock to the powerful wealthy, to gain favor for themselves, in the reproduction that provides the next generation.

(And see the scenario happening between the teams of men who are united through a common "religion" to see what happens when they bump into each others' territory.)

--- I'm not so sure I like so much, what people do do.

As I see it at present, the focus on America's goals needs to be on rapidly finding ways to fully utilize the Human Resources potential in America. As I have mentioned in a variety of earlier posts here and my other writings, this needs to be done in a conscious manner, instead of the haphazard one of the above-mentioned scenario. This means including getting me, a retiree, back into the GDP of the nation, even if only in small ways. There is a huge potential for how this can be done. I have frequently proposed the "internet-linked home-sited distributed manufacturing system" as one means for intelligently providing minimum-resource-cost skill expansion, work-related education expansion, and some productivity along with it, that would not have happened otherwise. Establishing the mindset in Americans that their productivity, big and small and diversified, is very important, possibly can be a strong factor in America's recovery.

But so far, this kind of concept is being hidden by the monkeybusiness going on: people trying to be "winners" instead of better producers.

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