What people do do

In my endless Asperger's effort to understand what people are doing, and why and how, so as to better interact with them, occasionally I get a brief insight of how maybe to approach the task.

But this time it is with a bit of more exasperation than my usual, focusing mostly on the antics and mischief going on over government financing (and thus limiting their ability to do their job well,) monetary hoarding of the nation's wealth by a few expert game players, job enabling efforts, and Norway's version of the mischief drama.

So the thought I had was merely to give the task a title: "What people do do," to illustrate the focus on what they actually do, as contrasted to what they only say they do.

And the double meaning of the title is only partially deliberate. But it illustrates my opinion, at the moment, of much of what has been going on lately.

Yet people also do quite honorable things too, at times. And that title might obscure that civilization-enhancing component field a bit. Thus, just this post. At least for now.



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