A tiny scrap of vindication

It is a bit secretly satisfying to see where someone is using a principle that oneself had described to skeptical audiences, long ago. Twenty-two years ago, in 1989, I wrote GEnie Spaceport Library articles on what I called "Microelevator" describing ways to emplace a seed structure for the "KESTS to GEO" concept for economically transporting materials in the near future for building Solar Power Satellites in GEO.

Me being an Aspie social dunce, I did not realize that my audience was all wrapped up in the visions of their wealth to come from privatization of NASA rocket technology for access to space; such NASA-established technology based businesses were to be their ticket to fame and wealth galore; and my non-rocket concept would have dashed water on their dreams of power and wealth via rocketry. Thus all they were interested in was finding ways to do the thumbs-down on my KESTS to GEO concept, so that rocketry would remain the only way to access space in their business lifetimes. So, after my space conference technical presentations, one of the things I was asked, after they could find no fault in the centrifugal hoop weight support and transportation energy delivery mechanism part of the concepts, was how to put such a high thing into place around the Earth in the first place.

One of the techniques I had proposed was to lift the seed tubing up by using backward-directed high velocity mass brought up the tubing and reflected backwards at the exit nozzle array, so that the reaction force would be to pull the front reaction nozzle upward. Typically I would just get a blank stare about that, and then they would drift away, to then just use the ignore-it-to-death approach on KESTS to GEO - which worked.

So this evening I just stumbled upon a photo in a Pop Sci article that very well illustrates that principle, at "Just In Time For Spring Break, Water-Powered Jetpack Finally Goes On Sale" The photo shows a person high in the air, trailing a tube from the water's surface where a boat was pumping water like mad up the tube, and the water being directed downward at the upper end of the tube, supporting the person's weight in the air by reaction force. A really nice graphic display of the principle in action.

In case anybody has any interest in this - other than to try to find some way to shoot it down to preserve their business technology control - there are some of my early writings available online, including copies of the GEnie Spaceport Library files - (it is still a mystery why the GEnie - General Electric Information Network - public network was not converted to integrate with the internet when the net came along - General Electric Corporation certainly had the wealth and expertise to do that) - and a copy of my 1997 technical paper on KESTS to GEO which I presented to the Space Studies Institute at Princeton in 1997 in hopes of getting their help on that mutual interest large scale space access concept (only to be laughed away and refused to publish my paper - I had unwittingly violated the NIH principle and my concept's implications were too big) but the paper is available online. Here are the links. Of course, the later formal papers and derivative writings are also available on those websites, as well as published conference proceedings.

Microelevator on GEnie:

The 1997 paper:

The current KESTS to GEO concept:

General technical paper's description and links page:

(If the website pages don't show up at first, try again after a few days - quite often right after I post a blog entry regarding my concepts using websites as detailed info, the websites get hacked and have to be rebuilt, taking them a day or so to get back online, but after most people would have forgotten about it.)

I also describe the technique in my sci fi novel written in 2007 "It's Down to Earth" (by J E D Cline) available as an eBook at Apple's iBooks, and as a paperback from the CreateSpace eStore

Could be my blog writing's here are on some troll's "block access" blacklist, but it is satisfying to write about being kinda vindicated after all these years, even if not acknowledged by anyone else.

And here is a copy of my drawing from my 1997 paper on KESTS to GEO:

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