A bit more about corporations and America: the employee

Still continuing a bit on the subject of corporations and America's economic potential, even though corporations may consider itself consisting of owner-management-investors, the quality of employees it can acquire is also critical to the success of the corporation. Perhaps I am projecting my reduced functional capacities at age 74 now, but it had seemed to me even back in the early parts of this decade, that maybe we were not as competent as we thought we were. We imagined we could still build the kind of things we had built in the past. But we were spending large parts of our life semi-hypnotized in front of the boob tube (television set) and other factors were cutting into our quality sleep time. Instead of spending time and effort in our free time when not at work, pursuing other interests like doing home improvements and tinkering with our cars and electronic devices, instead we were there at the boob tube, and time and opportunity passed us by, day after day.

So from this collection of people, the corporations had to obtain their employees. And whether or not corporations think it is all about owner-management-investors, without the requisite employee's capability, it is not going to produce well. Hiring & firing supposedly fixes this problem: if the employee does not fit the task, dump him/her and hire a different one.

But I recall even back in the mid-1970's companies were having to hire engineers from other countries, since we were not producing them adequately here at home, and as far as I know, and by reading the names on the articles I read online, we are still having to do that. Without adequate respect for the employees, and respect for their right to live their lives as they choose when not on the job, including their rights to their ideas they have and to pursue when not on the job, employees have little urge to develop themselves better. Corporations may say that they just will fire the employees who will then have to shape up or starve, but that two-class system is not the traditional American one that had previously made America great.

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