Pattern of "divide & conquer" ongoing in America?

Is a pattern of "divide & conquer" ongoing in America?

It is probably way too early in this insomnia night's early morning, but it seems to me that there is a consistent pattern ongoing in America during the past couple of years, the pattern called "Divide and Conquer." This pattern involves a third party, which hazes one party and then the other party in such a way that the two other parties think it was each other that had done the harm. In other words, it is a different group other than Democrats and Republicans, involved in the current dysfunctional state of the nation.

Sure, the Democrats are having a hard time of it pulling the nation along while the Republicans act like a unified dead weight to be dragged along, instead of pitching in and helping this nation recover. Is it really that the Republicans say they won't help the nation until they get to be boss again, even though that is the apparent thing ongoing, I wonder.

Somehow I don't think that the Republicans have become so un-American as to behave that way. I suspect there is a third-party involved, irritating the heck out of the Republicans - in the current time frame - and making it look like it is the Democrats that are doing it.

Who would want to conquer America? Starting in about 2000 - maybe earlier - it looks like someone is trying to divide and conquer us. Is it an internal group or an external group? Some people seem to want to point fingers at other religious groups, maybe sensing the potential for opinion-molding stimulation of action within their own ranks, and projecting that onto those folks of other religions. But this nation is founded on religious tolerance, and time and again America has proven that all religions can function harmoniously within her borders. So long as none of them get riled up enough to do preemptive strikes against their neighbors, of course; nor luring away more women than they provide in exchange, in the games of romance & reproduction. The nature of the tools used to "divide" are subtle, at this point; divide&conquer usually involves such deception processes to work. Subtle stuff is often part of religious activity, but it can be involved in other motivated stuff too.

America has an immense military capability, and that may be the real target of the group doing this hypothetical divide&conquer of America. Such a military arsenal might be seen as a means to wage wars on other nations, maybe even do a world-conquer thing like has happened throughout time and history, some greedy insecure bunch decides to conquer the world, and plots to do so. America's nuclear arsenal would be quite a plum in that viewpoint.

But I don't really think it is that kind of nutty thing going on in the current case. I think more it is the scuttling of the basic competency of Americans and their infrastructure; techniques for causing sleep deprivation will wear down a person, for example; studies long ago showed that a person with severe sleep deprivation for only a few days in a row will display symptoms of psychosis indistinguishable from real psychosis. Lesser sustained sleep deprivation long term will have lesser severity effects, but if you have a group or nation of such people trying to function well, it will be quite a struggle and may not succeed.

Well, this is my current insomnia projecting itself on the world, maybe. But I have long been struggling with sleep problems - I am 74 after all and that is said to go along with age - but many of the younger people I know have also mentioned consistent sleep problems too in recent times especially. Even some articles online; but I think most people would not like to think they have a sleep problem, preferring to say it is their late night TV watching or other observed factor.

It would be easy for a third-party group to first bushwhack one side then the other side, when those folks were all somewhat sleep-deprived, making it look that it was the two other sides doing the bushwhacking. This would get the other two sides to decimate each other, lots easier than attacking them directly by the third group.

In the case of Democrats and Republicans, AKA Progressives and Conservatives, in my simplified manner of thinking, the nation would alternate, like baseball or football teams do, as to who is carrying the ball; the Progressives would carry the ball for awhile, making progress in the nation; then the Conservatives would carry the ball for awhile, integrating the progress that had been made by the Progressives, thus more stabilizing the country after the changes brought on by the Progressive's problem-solving and opportunity-creating. But when things get stagnant again under the Conservative control, and issues are not getting addressed that need response changes, the Progressives then carry the ball again. Back and forth.

But in the recent round of Conservatives carrying the ball, 2000-2008, something went really wacko. We got fooled into going into two wars that were obviously unwinable, for example. That administration took the 200 billion surplus produced under the Progressive administration before them, said it was not to be used to excuse Social Security, and used the money to do war, throwing the money away so it could not be used for the retirees benefit in the distant future. The Social Security Retirement system is a big problem for owner-management's iron fist control of employees' so as to force them to do the bidding of owner-management, herding the "sheeple" is not quite so easy if the sheeple have a way to survive after retirement without the blessing of the employer, quite a threat to the employees, the vast majority of Americans. This seems to me the only purpose for such drastic measures to scuttle the Social Security Retirement system; although I have also heard that the trillion dollars in the retirement system already saved up, would be nice spending money for gamblers if they can privatize the retirement system. Like America's nuclear arsenal and military might, the Social Security Retirement's enormous amount of already saved money, might well be a plum attracting those whose greed and insecurity demands that they try to take the plum for themselves, with which to rampage.

Hmm, now I recall the proverbial viewpoint of corporations that all that Social Security Retirement money was just robbed away from them by the government via taxation, and privatizing the retirement system would just be taking their money back. Employees are supposed to save their own money for retirement; if they are unable to do so, let them die in poverty, in this viewpoint. But, in reality, the system is set up so employers are required through the social security tax to do that savings for the employees in a manner that events cannot take away that part of retirement for them; it was part of the pay the employers gave for the employee.

Well it is 0530 in the morning now, still dark out; but with the Sun's starting to rise, whatever is blocking my sleep will turn off as usual and then I can then get a few hours of sleep. Then I can arise and eventually re-read this and probably say "yikes!"

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