"Energy Flows Where Attention Goes" applies to the news too

There is a saying that has been around for quite awhile, attesting to its validity, despite its unconventionality: "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes." "Energy" meaning here as "that which makes things happen."

One of the major things that gets my attention is the online news, of a half dozen news websites. Similar to the paper newspapers of my past, the headlines and front-page articles have titles that grab attention.

If I catagorize those headlines and their articles, as to "constructive" vs "tragedy" then the vast majority of them fall into the category of "tragedy."

Thus the logical conclusion that, due to our mistakes, this kind of energy flows to make more tragedy, due to the choices to focus attention on those kind of events instead of constructive types of events.

We could instead similarly focus our attention on the news items about constructive, healing, productive events.

Would this help turn our nation's struggles around, becoming a constructive healthy productive nation again?

Is it even possible to focus our news-attention on this type of items. Are we inbuilt programmed to focus on our internal minute-by-minute affairs, except when outer events are in crisis, to which our attention is drawn lest we be drawn into the crisis or its results? When no crisis, then back to normal busyness, feeding our face, combing hair, etc. Which does not sell newspapers nor get ads to be put in the news to pay for the news gathering and distribution. Is this a Catch-22 kind of thing? It has been with us for a very long time.

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