Stimulating new products instead of new jobs

With the 787 billion stimulus money gone and little to show for it in terms of long term jobs created, the whole subject needs re-evaluation, I think.

Perhaps the focus needs to be not on creating jobs - as if magically they will happen - but to focus on creating products. Yes, supposedly that is the domain of business, corporations; but corporations do not have the well-being of the nation's economy and population as any part of their charter for existence, and therefore are not fitting for the responsibility. Tossing bread upon the waters does not work when there are lots of predators waiting to snap up that tossed bread, and provide nothing in return except more deprivation for the system.

Stimulating new products that directly can trace value to the nation's economy, might be a better focus on government stimulus money. If any can be produced again.

I avoid speaking of the huge problem of the large segment of the corporate world which is sitting on its hands smugly still waiting to show that the country cannot thrive unless they are at the helm of the nation, their politicians put back in rulership of the country. (Politicians who then again declare the only function of government is to provide for the common defense, and therefore we need more wars.)

It always has been an effort of the current administration to see if the American people, we the people, could govern ourselves; so I point out the focus on stimulus to produce useful products that directly trace their creation and value to that of increasing the American economy and environment's healthiness. Then, insofar as business, corporations, want to pitch in to help make that happen, welcome.

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