Looks like "jobs" is the planned battleground for America

Once again I have come around to concluding that the battle for America is about jobs. That is, who gets to say who gets to have a job and doing what. Will it be politically-united big corporations, with intent to split America into a two-class system, the owner-management being like medieval lords living high, while the masses are peon serfs (hard-working folks who have no hope to live better, the American Dream now lost)? Or "sheeple" as they sometimes call them nowadays, indicating how easy it is to herd around and exploit them?

It is easy to see that mindset. Owner-management-investor picking what products and services to make happen, using their manipulation skills to make it pay off for them. But the natural resources and workers that are used to fulfill those products and services, are not considered the same kind of beings as owner-management-investors are, but merely stuff to be used and discarded. Much of the basic bully mindset, just wearing suit and tie and speaking ivy league.

Big business has long staked out technological and business territory using a variety of means, and too often unethically blocking potentially competing technologies and inventions. All in the name of maximizing the bottom-line, to the satisfaction of the investors. No responsibility to the nation or the overall systems of nature and people that make it all possible, even giving them life. Fouling our mutual nest on this planet is of no concern to them unless they get "regulated" or massively sued; otherwise, it is business free-for-all bonanza for them, and increasingly crushing on everything else. As I said, basic irresponsible bully-mind guided stuff.

The effort to use taxes to employ people to create a more self-sufficient "green" energy economy has been stalled by rival political folks who want only continued (and unsustainable) hydrocarbon-and-air based energy sourcing, along with vast sums of money going to other nations in return for oil we just burn away. It is as if they do not understand that the brief energy production is created by un-sequestering the carbon that nature stashed away as coal and oil, and provided oxygen to breathe, the oxygen now used up and made into carbon dioxide. We are undoing what nature took millions of years to do long ago. What better way to sequester carbon than to make it into coal and oil, which are long term stable forms of carbon, stashed safely far underground?

The use of people to create more sustainable energy sources, based on the enormous influx of energy from the sun each day, seems a very wise thing to do, considering that our civilization is based on lots of available energy. Little or no human or animal muscle needed to make things happen for commerce anymore. But the easy corporate money is in continuing to burn oil and coal for energy, and they have no responsibility for the overall system in which they exist, so that is what they manipulate to make happen. And bullies manipulate others; that is what they do, and it is reproductively and lifestyle successful, and thus it continues. Easy money tends to win, nevermind the consequences, especially to other people. The jobs bill is still being blockaded by the big corporate-controlled politicians, despite that it would not use taxpayer money and would only be a boon for Americans - the only difference is that the big corporate folks would not be the only ones controlling who gets a job doing what.

The pattern that explains much of it all, as I started this post mentioning, is the apparent vision by the power elite to make America into a two-class system, with themselves in the elite class, and the rest of Americans made into peons existing to serve the whims of those overlords in their corporate castles. And this has been in the works for many decades - look at the so-called "employment agreement" that technically competent workers have had to sign to get a job, that signs over all their creative output despite not being in a job that utilizes any creative effort, nor does the corporation have any commitment to evaluate and produce from those ideas of employees - the corporation only wants to produce from technology they already control and is well known and thus plugs into management routines which they know how to utilize - and using the "agreement" to justify locking-down all the potentially rival new technological seed ideas from the employee base, prevents any wild cards appearing in the business projections, easier management job then. Since nearly all technologically competent workers have to work for some corporation - and thus sign that often-illegal-but-still-required "employment agreement" that has suppressed the basic technological creativity of "yankee ingenuity" that enabled our industrial civilization here in America. And this has been going on for 30 or 40 years. No wonder we are becoming sheeple.

So, what to do with this mess? The jobs bill, and the green-energy efforts seem steps in the correct direction. How to get out from the stranglehold of the "employment-agreement" phenomenon is unknown; it was made illegal in California decades ago but they just ignored it, saying they would have to be sued by the employee; and other companies simply register in places like Virginia in which that kind of employee-idea-robbing "employment agreement" is not illegal.

It seems all just a Monopoly type game to the owner-management brained folks. But America has been massively economically crushed by the effects of such trickery. Folks in other countries, not hog-tied by employment-agreement blocks to employee technological ideas, have been gaining far ahead of America. And our big corporations are not mending their ways, but instead counting on politics to prevent any changes, while they live high and to heck with tomorrow or all those inferior sheeple trying to rock the boat.

Putting a post here without offering solutions to the gripped-about problems, is not productive. So I just point out the existing jobs bill and the green energy job stimulation and energy sourcing, as going in the correct directions, for starters; and I again point to the posts I have made suggesting the concept of a job stimulation and productivity increase at low cost, by use of the internet-coordinated home-based micro-manufacturing combined with on-the-job training & education on the same home workstations - see "home manufacturing workstations" posts I have made, and a few related documents elsewhere on the net. This could bring otherwise-unemployed (and insufficiently employed) people into the nation's productivity and skill enhancement loop. Management by small and large business would also be part of it, but it would not necessarily be the conventional commute-to-corporate-building workstyle. "Telecommuting" has long been done by some; this would simply be expanding it into the manufacturing work arena, enabling greatly reduced manufacturing costs and thus become more competitive in the world economy. Designing and manufacturing the micro-manufacturing peripherals to work with existing types home computers would be an early step in this process, itself a manufacturing and engineering activity. Since it would essentially be a new kind of manufacturing system, it would need to be intelligently and compassionately configured for safety and where needed, securely.

But, since this is not the easy "business-as-usual" direction, no doubt it will continue to be suppressed by the big boys, irresponsible bully experts on manipulating events. Sorry about that.

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  • The idea of profit/capitalism at the cost of one's soul has always been a repulsive concept to me. I wonder how much is "enough" for these groups and people that already control so much of the resources.

    I had a friend that used to work for Costco, and, apparently, it is/was one of the best retailers to work for. The CEO was getting hounded by his board of directors because of the generous nature of the employee benefits. They wanted a reduction so that the board could get a bigger percentage. The CEO told them, not only 'no,' but 'hell no.'

    Sadly, that's the exception and not the rule. There are many ways to make a living and still maintain ethics to fellow man and the environment.

    By Blogger Lynn Andrade, At 1:31 PM  

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