Is Manana good enough for me right now

One of the more disagreeable tasks is getting more urgent, the dealing with a broken toilet seat. Ought to have done it yesterday. I again think of other things to do today. Even taking the garbage out to the alley in this 19ºF weather is not looking so bad, in comparison.

But I remember a popular song from back in the 1950's, back when songs sometimes taught good lessons even for adults. This one was titled "Manana" (means "Tomorrow" in Spanish) and I can still recall the sound of the woman's voice singing it:

"... The window she is broken
And the rain is coming in,
if someone do not fix it
I'll be soaking to my skin.

But if we wait a day or two,
The rain may go away,
And we don't need a window
On such a sunny day!

Manana, manana,
Manana, is good enough for me...."

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