Not a prophet; just a different kind of thing

Looking back over my lifetime, I see that I have had an excellent skill at predicting technology fields that could be done. Putting the same old sci-tech things together, but in very different configurations which lead to enabling things we need, but won't reach by putting them together in the same old tried and true job-safe ways so familiar down to engineering's calculated decimal points. See what we have got now, and see what we will need in the near future, and with those in hand sift for all the connectors to bring them together; it may take decades to do, a bit here and a bit there, stuffing the pattern with the pieces that fit, until enough of the whole sticks together, to wave the picture around to others.

That is quite a different skill from that of a prophet, a clairvoyant who predicts what people will actually choose to do in the future, a very different kind of thing.

Much too often when I have seen what people actually did with that which I saw potential in a technological conceptual design, I can only feel sad at the botch they made, what great opportunity missed. (Does this say that I did not also make the mistakes that guide the way? I don't see that said here.) Even often with my struggling efforts to deliberately point them the way, a thankless and often expensive activity, often getting bushwhacked because of having pushed elitist egos and NIH (Not Invented Here) buttons. I'm so naive as to think that surely they can get past those things, there are such hugely important things needing done by them, for the urgent wellbeing of that which includes themselves too. Them too, can't they see?

It has to do with the sabotage from the "dare go only for maximum profit" model, along with "show em whose boss here" model and its "virtual franchise territory" earned excuse.

And yet somehow, humanity still manages to squeek through some really great and amazing accomplishments. Hooray! Humanity is still on a humongous roll; even if overall only an almost blind juggernaut bull in the china closet of nature's so agelessly crafted delicate interlocked web of life.

Will we somehow pull it off anyway, get our act together in time? Be able to pick it all up and put it back together again, once we have won? Well, that is for the prophets to tell; not me.

But the crushed remains in our deep footprints on the earth, of that which had been life, do seem to tell a worrisome tale.

So let's celebrate! Eat, drink and get married, for tomorrow we shall ... cheeze, I hope we do something much better tomorrow. All it takes is to occasionally raise our gaze up widely to the big picture, see where we are and what we are doing here in the big picture, before we drop our gaze to resume rooting close-up for those truffles of reward.


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