Utilizing all people's efforts

To have a world civilization that utilizes all people's efforts maximally to build an optimally healthy civilization, then every person must be fully successful in life.

If we choose to have every person be successful in life, then it is clear that "success" does not include the option of causing someone else's lack of success.

As a reciprocal function that ought to work.

Therefore assaulting someone, in any way large or small, would be prohibited, including everyone: authorities and any elitists included. No taunts, torment, derision, weapons of any type would be allowed to be used.

Then, get on with the job of intelligently creating world civilization even in one's home. It is a very big job to take on. And it has even greater rewards of enabled potential.

Does this indicate to anyone that it is OK to practice as teams assaulting other teams for prizes solely for the winner? Glorious gladiatorship of any kind? Spetacularly crushing the "competition" so that you get all the goodies by default, including reproduction options? That would be quite a mistake, in the aforementioned system of success for everyone. And why would you prefer to risk loss of success by supporting processes which require your action to prevent other's success, since you might lose, and surely there will be some loss of goodies in the messes you cause in conflict?

How would we get our appropriate place to yell with triumph, wave our arms in exhultation, when our team wins ... life needs that kind of lift on a regular basis. Probably this seems quite a foreign concept to the reader. Impossible, things just don't work that way; we are designed to assault in the endless "survival of the fittest" that wins the prize, gets the girl, reproduces instead of the defeated.

But why choose a trash way of life, with only the ruins of the battlefield as reward, when so much could be available otherwise? Ah, I know, it just the way we are, a big habit. Compelled by training, built on primieval instinct unleashed. Too bad. Good luck.

Hmm .. something called "Laughter Yoga" provides permitted space to yell with glee, wave one's arms, give and receive smiling attention to each other. Is this a light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel through the old garbage dump landfill of mankind's history?

So far, this is mostly "just dreaming." Mere fantasy journey. Can't physically escape "reality." But, this is the start of a New Year. Does it really have to be just another one where life in the trenches happens? I can decorate my humble foxhole dug in the well-aged dung and shards remaining from eons of greedy madmen's glorious romps. People wear many hats, play many roles in life, and do it automatically: some of mine are retiree, computer operator, grocery shopper, birdcage tender, blog writer ... many hats and they come on and off my head with hardly a notice. So, suppose a new role-hat gets added, one based on the initial paragraphs of this post, where everybody's success is supported, no one left out. And add another role, which is the distilled essence of the Glorious Gladiator Team Member. And suppose there is a hat rack from which I can choose which hat I wear at any instant, including those two new hats. Maybe I can get the strength and courage to pick the Everybody's Success Is Supported hat sometimes when I was first reaching for the Glorious Gladiator Team Member hat. Make an aware choice possible.

Hmm... that might just tilt the game a bit toward the healthier way. So what if I'm a lightweight?

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