Self-regenerating systems & predators

Contemplating the inter-effects of self-regenerating systems and predators upon them.... Examples include:
-- a hunter-gatherer making a foray into the adjacent jungle and coming out with some berries, roots, and a rabbit for dinner;
-- dropping a bucket down into a well and bringing up a bucket of water to drink;
-- a housewife goes to the grocery store, puts some food off the shelves into the cart, and goes home with sacks of food for dinner.
-- an investor buys up all the seed stock for the next planting season, and demands a higher price for the seeds when the farmers need to plant next season.

The self-regenerating systems were, respectively, the jungle, the waterwell, the grocery store, and the stock market. The predator takes from the system and gives nothing back in return, nor does the predator take responsibility for the survival needs fulfillment of those self-regenerating systems from which it takes.

However, exactly how self-regenerating are they all? The jungle fills in the vacated spaces with more berries, more plants growing edible roots, and rabbits multiply and move back in; water seeps from adjacent areas to bring the level of water back up, replenishing from the water to the sides; and the grocer re-stocks the shelves; all happening as if my magic to the predator upon the self-regenerating systems. The larger picture we take in our view, we see interdependence of the smaller self-regenerating systems, interdependence that grows to include the entire surface of the earth, the deep oceans with their fish, and the skies with their birds and rain. Yet they are all attached; do predation on one part and the rest needs to fill the resource back in, or no resource remains for the predator.

The contrast is, of course, with systems that are tended and nurtured, and harvested. Taking over much of the responsibility for the functioning of what was once a self-regenerating system. Look wide enough, the whole Earth is the self-regenerating system; in fact one must look wider yet for a more complete system picture.


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