All is not quite what meets the eye

The complex assortment of structures composing the human body are organized to provide for the survival of the whole. The neurological part of the coordination that provides feedback regarding the physical world portion that is one's body, has been labeled the "R-Complex". Here, what one's senses perceive, and the physical movement of one's body as one goes around in daily life, is the rock-solid stuff of life, getting on with things getting done in life.

But, eventually one may notice that all is not necessarily what it seems. Or at least only what it physically seems. There are subtle levels, sixth-sense, and other unseen influences affecting the physical world. And the related world of imagination can be influenced not only by one's own urges to fantasize, but also stimulated by others, such as when watching a movie on a screen: the physical eye sees the flat screen and light pattern images splashing across it, all physical; but the imagination sees people, natural scenery and events happening there, instead of the flat screen with splashes of light on the screen as experienced by the physical eye.

Holding a telephone up to one's ear and mouth, and fantasizing having a conversation with someone far away, as if the person were nearby though not quite in view at the moment, is another sensory example. With the help of the telephone system connecting the two, the imagination converts the subtle energies of video projector and electronic sound, into an apparent reality to which one can respond.

The term "all is not quite what meets the eye" can refer to conjecture about what is unseen motivating other's more apparent presentations of themselves, in business, politics or even in dating.

This can be extended even further from the R-Complex's level of comprehension, when considering emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual components of overall human experience.

In fact, it is a really big multilevel complex universe out there, and one's imagination converts the small part that lands on oneself, into meaningful experience, ever assigning specific significances to it all in a flowing drama of one's life.

And probably not one those perceived life drama ongoings is quite the same as any other person's. Each person's experience is ruled by the sovereign of its imagination, ever guiding the flow of the very limited space of one's conscious attention. The interpretation of the ongoing life experience, is done best possible by the person, under influences aplenty from present and past inputs.

And so, the things that happen that do not exactly fit into that interpretation, can be lumped into the parts that "are not quite what meets the eye."


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