If price increase only = functionality added

I wonder what would happen if America adopted an ethic, an operating principle in all business, that "price increase only = functionality added."

Price increase only = functionality added.

What a radical thought. How outrageous! How unpatriotic, some might think. How ... well, how much it makes a lot of normal business activity seem like cheating. And that is not permitted, such a suggestion.

Adding scarcity by buying up all that was available that would be needed later by others, thus jacking up the cost to the end user without adding usefulness, would not be "adding functionality". Thus not a legitimate strategy for "making money."

Retailing adds usefulness by bringing product to easy availability to the end user. Advertising, including by the retailer, adds functionality by making potential users aware of a product's existence, and what it could be used for by the user. Appropriate price increase would go with that.

I wonder what such an economy would be. What would it be like? I think it would make an immeasurably stronger America, one's whose integrity would be admired by other countries. But, others might still play artificial scarcity games of price-raising, to the detriment of Americans. But after old accumulated karma got burned off, I think that too would cease. No more "hoax value" involved. The work ethic of everybody might really improve, and productivity of the nation regain a solidity unknown for ages.

But it is likely to be unfamiliar and therefore difficult, stressful in adaptation.

And ... the gaming of artificial scarcity raising price might still be legal in, say, art objects, where owners like to increase price of "ownership" of one-of-a-kind objects. This would be a game activity, however, played among the idle rich. And not mainstream American economy, having little if any ability to improve the functionality of Americans. Beauty has a different kind of value, enlivening the experiencer. And, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" remember. Lots of free beauty around.

Having price increase that does not exactly fit functionality increase, is a request of money for nothing. If such transactions did not occur, would that not build a country without lots of "nothingness" holes in its composition? And therefore, much more solid, able to withstand the times when the world heavily shakes and sloshes.

Of course, I don't expect anybody to take this suggestion as valuable. If they don't consider my KESTS to GEO concept invaluable for enabling great wholesome expansion of mankind's civilization starting immediately, little else that I could suggest would make a useful impression on the powers that be. After all they are boss here and nothing else matters: an ancient operating principle too.




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