collar bone thumb technique

collar bone thumb technique

By JEDCline 20070812

Similar to "Brain Buttons" of Brain Gym, and to "Necklace" of Vision Gym (both by the Dennison's) I have found a different form of stress relief that works on myself. Maybe specific to stresses I have more than others, unknown.


One hand's fingertips are placed around the navel, thumb on top along body center line, other fingertips equally spaced around as if on a circle around navel.

Other hand has the outside edge between base of thumb and wrist, placed against underside of opposite collarbone; also the fingertips resting on outside of shoulder there.

Maybe rub the thumb base area along the underside of the collarbone a few times a little, but mostly just rest the thumb base edge and collarbone underside together while resting and meditating on the experience for as long as one likes. Lying down on one's back helps prevent weariness of the arm, but the technique also can be done sitting up too.

I found that the meditation, body-sensing consciousness, accessed some deep areas not cleared out before, and resulted in better balance of consciousness in normal activity afterwards.

J E D Cline

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