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I continue to have a "feeling" that something is about to spring to remove me from the scene, that others know about but are not telling me about. Kinda paranoid feeling except without something to point at as the cause. At this point I believe I have done what I can for humanity, such as by creating the KESTS to GEO concepts and doing my best to tell others about those enormous opportunities. But if those of greed-power-deception incorrigible cravings just have to have their romp, not much will be lost; I have done what I can do.

Such a pity, such a waste of humanity potential. Although, there is some indication that I think humanity is far more competent than reality actually shows. Their craving for social power games has bound them up into knots leaving them barely functional re actual accomplishment. What a tragedy, compared to what they could have done with their lives. Maybe a different way can be derived, so that people interact far more constructively for the betterment of all concerned.

It may be that "they" function from a world viewpoint something like ... that the world is made of ... people ... a hierarchy latticework of people where the identity of everybody is that of who they boss and who bosses them. Everything is expressed in terms as if living "people" were operant in everything, even events of natural history or electronic energy flow in circuity. It is like a universe made of beings, all subservient to some others and boss to different others. And certain humans are the "Big Boys" of the crowd, how ego-boosting convenient. Gives them "winner" rights to take far more than they give, and to stay top dog. And most important, that gets them the women, who seek mates who are powerful enough to provide for them and their offspring, easy goodies.

That "everything is people-stuff" world viewpoint requiring that everybody function only in a chain of command mode, would probably consider anyone (such as me) doing anything that is not appropriate to his position in their vast hierarchical lattice (such as a humble poverty-stricken man coming up with original concepts that would enormously help everybody's life if done, thereby pretending to outshine the wonderful real - and very well rewarded - leaders) would be violating their fundamental principle of who-bosses-whom existence and thus must be a very "bad" person. To stir up enough rumor to justify suppression and assault of the "patsy who is out of place" it appears - as derived from people's increasing frequent reaction to me, even strangers - that their "public image" of me is a composite of a person who steals from stores, poisons food in stores, tries to steal wives, a sexual predator stalking your children. "Eek! Get rid of 'im!" attitude builds up in strength as "they" beat their drums, spin, spin, spin. Wait, that is rank paranoid rant, are we not all just a bunch of independent little old businessmen, making a living, minding our own business? Tell him to "go back to school" cleverly sets the academics back to their righteous places again, slightly ruffled; after all, he obviously does not know the laws of the universe or economics. (Meanwhile, I see instead where the disastrous lemming-like path leads, that those supremely learned superior folk seem adamantly bent on following.) Send him to the mental hospital, DO something, if he can't be ignored out of existence. We are all comfortable just like things are, don't rock the boat. Do not rip the fabric of the hierarchical lattice that forms our very existence in the people-world; all must be done in natural people order.

That is in contrast to the kind of world view where matter and energy make up the chemistry, rocks, ocean, sky of Earth, biology, vast space and stars beyond; somewhere among which we human beings have our day; the kind of viewpoint I have.

Perhaps this all explains why "they" did not embrace me and the conceptual goodies I gave them (like KESTS to GEO, space carousel escalator, for perhaps my main lifetime-effort productive example), since a universe-viewpoint that is made up of only who-bosses-whom has no functional comprehension of the physical earth and space around us within which we live, is merely a predator relationship with the universe and each other. And thus also towards me in their endless game. Like, viewed as if I had stupidly stepped into their tough game of poker, me holding 4 aces: they know how to deal with that kind of interference.

It is not likely they will fess up and play straight with me at this point; they are far too deep into the character-assassination mode to change their course so as to deal honestly with me, letting me play my part in the creation of KESTS to GEO and other conceptual design actualizations into the physical world. More likely is that they will continue to poke at me, filibustering to the world, until this old man runs out of lifetime; or if they are big winners, get enough mud thrown to stick enough to put some rap on me, discrediting trump card, and they win the whole pot, easy money.

Quite possibly, the bottom line is that, since my actual position in their vast hierarchy lattice is quite lowly, there is no way for them to deal with my concepts that are of a quite "high" nature. I'm like a creature from another dimension, a "wat izzit" incomprehensible thing that might be dangerous to their way of life.

Fortunately, blogs are here in which one can rant on and on (or cry in one's beer.) Cheeze, it is hard to help these monkeys get civilized. But we all must do our best, anyway, it is our commitment here.


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