The what vs the where of things

The what and where of a sound, and the what and where of an object seen, has been reported as being processed separately and sent through two separate neural pathways to the forebrain. "Object" seems to be the uniting item here, in which one set of pathways discerns identity while other set of pathways locates in space. It is "object: what is it" simultaneous with "object: where is it." Is "discerns identity" closely related to "rational linear thinking" while "locating in space" closely related to 'whole pattern awareness," the proverbial "left brain thinking vs. right brain thinking" concept.

A cluster diagram also seems to involve what+where ties, by making objects of circled names that are then tied together in specific ways by the diagram. This crystalizing pattern drawing enables the subsequent writing of vignettes of better flow, than does just writing something out.

Determining the what along with the where of things seems a fundamental brain activity, a two-sided path. One path is "the what" of objects; while the other path is "the where" of the same objects.

Although only indirectly related to this topic, but also involving a similar two-sided neural path, the slightly different perspective pairs of eyes, ears, and hands, probably matches the similarity of the perceptions of the two slightly spatially displaced viewpoints, and then each viewpoint's differences form their commonality, deriving distance data. As the head and eyes move, the brain must create a model of the commonalities and differences that has the head and eye motions proprioceptions and ears' semicircular canals data so as to create a stable model of that which is "out there" relative to the body's position in real time. The location of visually perceived objects can be compared with the locations of auditory sounds to see if is the same source.

There seems to be parallels between those two neural signal flows., the left and right sensory organ sets, and the what-where separation being united elsewhere.


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