Getting better-than-others scores, instead

What happens long term when students' frustrations about getting less than perfect scores, gets skewed into the significantly different kind of goal of merely getting a better score than the others?

Remember that it is said that one is not doing one's best efforts if one does not make a mistake occasionally.

And yet, the ego urges the effort to appear infallible in others' minds. Many people use the principle that since people use appearances of others to provide data for making decisions, that the prime goal is to provide optimum appearances instead of optimum real functionality. The old "judging a book by its cover" principle, converted into effort focus on the cover instead of the contents. Result is that more "insufficient functionality" exists, since it is hidden by the dazzling "covers." The ego is a master of creating appearances to influence others' decisions.

A key example of this is that the "elitist-rationals" who concluded that the only solution to an overburdened world civilization facing loss of critical resources (like adequate energy and clean water) is to cut the population level, and now happen to stumble into the awareness there is a different kind of solution that is far more humane and potentially beneficial for civilization *, might see those concepts as in opposition to their earlier conclusions, and unfortunately also to actions based on them so as to cut down on the population covertly.

Esteem-maintenance is likely to overwhelm other considerations, especially if one is enjoying the good life the way things are.

This principle expressing in those elites appears to have produced the acceptance of a solution to suppress knowledge of "KESTS to GEO" AKA "Space Carousel Escalator" until it can be only theirs to wield for their own amusement. Problem solved... but tragically not for most others of the world: time and resources pass by too fast, changing the world situation rapidly to the weaker. What will be our ability to create such a new section for civilization, when energy resources no longer are cheap enough for the creation to be done? What about all the species that will have gone extinct because of the delay? It takes lots of experiments, practice with using real systems and learning from the mistakes and successes, all this takes time and effort, is not an instant thing that happens when we say "oh, lets do it."

To really, really, get a higher score in the bigger game, it requires a bit of backing up and getting a better shot at the real goals for civilization. Can the students-now-businessmen-and-leaders approach be de-skewed from merely "doing better than the others," back to the original goal of getting the material learned well and actions done correctly in the broadest contexts?

* (See the website for theory of operation and enabled applications for a potential economical way to finally put up the Solar Power Satellites into GEO, and build abundantly up there in very helpful other ways including efficient high spaceports in GEO, solar powered total recycling plants, and even Stanford Torus type cities except using ice for the passive shielding to protect the earth environment in case of collapse back to the ground in the distant future; also to a lesser extent, use of the "space elevator" anchored superstrength tether space access techniques)


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