Ah, the comforting familiarity of life in the trenches

Seeking understanding this morning, my "Morning Pages" writing incomplete, it seems to me that in recent years the world has been getting even more fixated on targeted violence (also an example of "energy follows attention", as it is said), and I suppose that without large adequate near-future access to abundant space resources provided by KESTSGEO or even adequate numbers of tether-type space elevators, the world has little option but drastic population cutbacks, no doubt involving much tragedy along the way, dismal or dramatic. And group-leading bullies, as always, believe they will be winners in times of their favorite sport of severe conflict wherein they personally gain extra fame and fortune. Bullies' brains are genetically wired different from mine, their urge to assault individuals of their own species being a reproductively successful activity, perpetuating their bully-kind as done for eons. (A bully reading this, probably would not see this writing as a bit of wisdom's understanding, but instead as a feeble counter-offense effort, to be righteously squashed by the bully in response, again proving supremacy over someone out-of-place.) To get group support for bully's conflicts, preparing through a combo of widespread cunning vilification "spin" against the target (as well as implying the group-shared easy bounty of taking over the target's thusly-abandoned resources) typically works to get the support of a normally peaceable group. Situation-engineering. So, targeted violence against the rare ones like me (who the bullies see as someone trying to get the group to do something other than what the bully is having them do, thus seen as a challenge attempting to take power away from the bully), probably is not of much concern to the world, except to share as spectators in the thrill of conflict while the bully creates assault (of many kinds, from slow financial to fast fist) upon the target. Then the onlookers, having been briefly entertained by the spectacle of conflict, return to their mostly mindless daily routines, comforted that there is no change in the hierarchical position they have so laboriously attained. And otherwise, the morrow is of no concern to them: whatever will be there, abundant or sparse, they merely will continue to grab as much as they can. Thus, the potentially very abundant resource future prepared by KESTS to GEO ("Space Escalator Carousel" transportation technology) is not likely to be there for them... although it could have been. Ah, isn't the familiarity of "life in the trenches" comforting?


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