Baby alligators

As a young child my favorite reading materials were comic books and Mechanix Illustrated. Even the ads in the latter were fascinating, for example each month there was an ad, for $2 one could have a baby alligator mailed to you as a pet. Seemed that would be fun, but mere fantasy for me. Having since seen what a grown alligator does to a grown wildebeast attempting to cross a river, I consider the situations people found themselves in, those who bought the baby alligators for $2, and had them grow up to be big alligators. A similar stuation seems to be now with the country's nuke arsenal, in the news intensely recently. Why would the Dept of Defense give their nukes to the Dept of Energy? Maybe like large alligators being turned into shoes and purses before eating the family dog, or worse. The fissionables might be useable to power a new era of nuclear electric power plants, when petrochemicals start running out for good. I suppose Russia had the same problem years ago. The whole nuke secrecy thing got my attention when, for the 4th time coincidentally LANL was under some kind of attack following some of its people being interested in my KESTS to GEO concept, as a way to massively put up solar power satellites etc, conceivably seen as rival to nuke power plants on the ground yet also far more useful for other things. This time it is when the SE2005 Space Elevator conference accepted abstract from me on a paper; LANL was not harrassed in the years when my KESTS type papers were not invited for presentation. So.... I recall not too many years ago I was working as a tech at a small firm run by its two owners, making car alarms (it paid my rent and groceries, when other companies would not hire a super tech who had previously worked up to be a non-degreed EE, apparently perceived as sneaking past the college degree requirement.) There was a big shakeup when a box of product could not be accounted for. Accusations flared, tempers flared, accounting personnel quit. Everybody sweated, how could they prove they had not stolen the box? Weeks went by, then my boss, a no-nonsense man of Armenian decent, got courage to go into the boss' office, and look around, and there he found the missing box of product stashed in hiding. And that stopped the tensions. The motivations of those who crave and wield power, can be complex indeed; essential shakers & movers they may be, but sometimes I wonder what is up, they probably not being saints.


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