Another article today pushes my buttons. I have attempted to post the following comment to the article "We accept instability and even war in the Middle East to maintain our (oil) addiction.",0,1363635.story

"No one listens to me but here is another try. Finding technological potential solutions is a hobby of mine; sitting in the gas lines in the early 1970's gave me time to dream up an immediate & near-future solution, the PullBand commute system and it took me until 1989 to find a potential solution to the overall energy problem, a new way to build the adequate solar power satellites economically in GEO for worldwide plentiful clean electricalenergy delivered: and or escalators.html Meanwhile the situation keeps unfolding as I said, and my solutions are still being suppressed by the bosses that be. Call me a crank: prove it. I've published technical articles referenced at the URLs above. Let's create solutions instead of grumping business-as-usual inertia. Solutions can be a lot of fun, actually."

So let's see if I can make a tiny bit of an impression. In case there is a hole in the blanket that apparently is cast over my blog here. And someone of intelligence and wisdom finds this item. In time to do some good. When things get really messy, it is very hard to get high tech comprehensive projects going.

First, the PullBand commute system: This is a personally owned and home garaged vehicle that gets its primary transportation energy from grabbing onto various circulating bands, which are powered by whatever energy source is available at the time and place: electrical motor, steam engine, whatever. The pull bands range in position and speed from ones around each block, to very high speed intercity ones that are fast enough to slide the vehicles on air bearing cushion tracks, potentially in the hundreds of mph along environment-isolated pathways. The idea has been stewing since ca. 1973 gas lines, and has been publicly described (by myself) since the 1980's, so it is up for grabs, patent-free. It has the potential for a highly time and energy efficient commute, vastly better than the automobile or even light rail and bus system, overall. But, it is different from what the folks in the transportation businesses are now prepared to do, same old same old, which just won't solve our increasingly desperate energy problems. So check out the PullBand Commute System concept, put details, nuts & bolts and technology to it, have fun with it and soon go for a ride on it.

Second, the biggie: bypassing the limitations of the conventional rocket launch technology and even that of the fabled Space Elevator anchored tether Earth-rotation-centrifugal transportation structure potentials, to finally economically build and maintain enough Solar Power Satellites in the Geostationary Earth Orbit (where your satellite dish is aimed at currently) to provide plentiful cheap very "clean" energy worldwide. It would build a transportation structure that electrically lifts materials and people from equatorial ground level up into GEO above the opposite side of teh planet. Shaped like an elliptical Orbital Transfer Trajectory between ground and geo around the Earth, it is essentially a synchronous electrical motor it tubular form, with low friction maglev bearing surfaces inside along which its armature mass circulates at sufficiently high velocity to generate outward centrifugal force against the inside of the tubing, to support the tubing and its live loads. Part of the upward-bound armature mass stream's kinetic energy is extracted by electromagnetic drag by vehicles riding the structure between ground and GEO, lifting the vehicles with their payloads of construction materials and workmen to space and back. Details and technical references at and or escalators.html I invite you to check out the merits of these concepts that speak for themselves. And this concept has been in the public view since ca. 1989 in basic functions, so they have passed by the limitations for implementation by the originator, me. I've no resources and live the impoverished life of one who is suppressed by the forces of social inertia and big business that wants to stay in control no matter what; does that really mean I have nothing worthwhile to say? Do you want to solve the energy problem or not? Sure, let's get some backups going, solar panels, wind turbines, tidal energy, geothermal, biofuels from algae. Do what can be done re coal fired powerplants. More nuclear powerplants while being aware that we are playing with fire by doing that; the more of them, the more difficult it will be to dismantle them; but we need them for now while we are sitting on our hands re the technique I have pointed out above.

This way for building a near-future solar-based electrical power system for worldwide use has the potential for halting the CO2 and methane buildup; it has the potential for building and utilizing solar powered mass element separation techniques up there in GEO too, with economical lift of the toxic trash materials and return of pure materials back here for building anew. Look at the concepts, folks, pay attention.

And to make it more fun to learn about, it is also written in high-tech science fiction adventure form for easy reading and in detail too. See reading about the concepts this way you can explore it without having to buck the existing business power structures for permission to do so. Several of these novels are also available as iBooks, and all are as paperbacks too. But you will have to dig for them online, the big money folks don't want people to learn about these options; insist on books only by the author "J. E. D. Cline" with titles of "Building Up", "The Ark of 1984's Future", "It's Down to Earth", and "The Torus City Ice Shields Returning Home." read and enjoy ... then wake up some morning realizing the actual potentials in it all.

We don't have to be like the lemmings in a mad run as a too-busy crowd heading for the final crunch when our current path collapses. Sure, it is easier. But in the long run, it would be far more fun to thrive, instead.

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