How did he do it

Much of my life I have been trying to fill in the answers to questions that have come up in my life. One question that appeared about 1974 - a year or two after my former wife left me - and life's events have not yet provided an answer explaining the event. Am now getting up in years and am not likely to have an experience at this point that will answer the question, and so maybe someone reading this blog will leave a comment with an explanation.

I was part of a church singles group, still struggling with my the situation of my former wife ditching me long before that, existing since then in lonely despair, and was in desperate need of a girlfriend; yet - unknown to me at the time - I had Asperger's social incompetency that made it very hard to initiate conversations, necessary in the singles world. I was largely dependent on others providing introductions.

At the time of the subject event, I was attending a church's single's group's party, where we were often instructed about life and relationships in somewhat entertaining ways. This party had us line up, and the entertainment was that one of the group's members, who worked as a police psychic, was to come down the line of people, stand in front of each, and say something, then move to the next person. We were to remain standing in the line throughout that process. When the police psychic stood in front of me, he said several things including that I had an IQ of 165 - a bit higher than I had been tested long before although I had a severe case of the flu when taking the IQ test back in High School. He then moved on to the next person, and moved down the line; then he turned and left, going out the door that was visible from where we stood in the line. Suddenly out of that same door, a man emerged that I did not quite recognize, muscular and lean, with a look of almost ferocious determination on his face, and he was headed right toward me. Although it was odd, his focus seemed to be on the place I was standing but not on me there, very odd. He strode powerfully right at me and clearly would have knocked me down as if not seeing me there, so I stepped back out of the way, since he seemed to want to be where I had been, and I was a meek polite person. He then turned and stood in the line where I had been standing, as if me. Then a very attractive young woman came out of that door, scanned down the line as if counting people, then headed straight for where I had been standing, and she stopped in front of the guy who had taken my place, and introduced herself and soon they were chatting and the group broke up and she was going off with him. While I stood and watched in lonely amazement at it all.

Anybody know what was going on and how? Besides that the guy had ripped off a girlfriend that I so desperately needed, how did he do it? And why?

Other data is that I never was able to meet a woman to date at that singles group, and after several years I gave up and went to a different church which had a singles group. There I too was never able to meet a woman to date. Life was a terribly lonely thing for me all those years.

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