About corporate money going into elections

Corporations are currently considered an entity, as if an individual person, as to legal status, if I understand correctly. Therefore, each corporation ought to have the identical rights and responsibilities as an individual human being entity. This includes the right to vote (one vote each); the right to contribute to a political candidate (same limits and provisions as an individual human being.) Following along on this principle, it would also need to submit to all the other laws and penalties that apply to an individual person, such as not exceeding speed limits, running stop lights, deliberately harming or killing another person, etc; but that is going a bit off the current topic of corporate money influencing elections. The point is, the privilege ought to have the same responsibilities and limits, too.

A corporation might be faceless, but it ought not to be able to hide behind that mask from an individual entity's limits, responsibilities, and penalties that any other individual entity person are required to obey; along with receiving the privileges, such as contributing funds toward a favored candidate in an election.

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