Proposing the concept of the human resource development corporation

It is looking like employment is the key issue for America now and for the near future at least. Not just employment, but the broader meaning of the appropriate and full use of human resources. Right now, the country is limited by the setup that there must be employers, businesses, corporations, to provide the jobs and define what is to be done in those jobs, and fit available people into those jobs. But if those corporations are not providing those jobs adequately - as has been happening for a long time already - there is a huge loss of human resources going to waste.

Now, corporations typically exist for the purpose of "making money" although many get started with a vision to provide a very special product or service to the country - but then with new management the vision dims and the focus is only on the bottom line, how to make the most profit, as demanded by the stockholders need for those investment dividends for their income.

So the function of employment is mostly a happenstance to the corporations; making sure everybody is happily working at an appropriate job, is not their responsibility. So, whose is it? Nobody's? Is it every man for himself, abandon ship? Or form allegiance with some Captain Bligh.

The thought congealing out of the murk seems to be that maybe the country - we the people - might well look at the appropriate and full use of human resources of America as a reasonable and maybe even a very necessary requirement. Since clearly the businesses, the corporations, have not taken it on to do the job, maybe it ought not to be in their hands anymore. At least not in the absolute power form it has been in.

How to do this? Perhaps there needs to be another path added. The dominant path has been that a business projects that a product or service will sell, and invests in the infrastructure to provide those goods and services to the customer, and if the customer base responds with appreciation, money flows up through the business to pay off the loans, pay for the employees and management and other infrastructure, providing feedback that it all is working. If they need more people to provide more goods and services, they go hire more. This means they need to have a eager pool of desperate people to hire at low wage to expand the business; or sometimes lure away an employee from another company to fill a position.

So the "other path" to be added might be that, instead of there being the pool of the unemployed, that they instead be essentially employed by another entity - maybe the government or civil service type system, or possibly by a corporation that is backed up by the nation that benefits by their existence.

This hypothetical corporation, then, would have the responsibility of "employing" all otherwise unemployed people. The jobs would be fitted to the aptitudes of the individuals, and primarily intended to increase the employees skill levels, through on the job training. Some of the OJT could be simply sending them to college or trade school. Or it might be digging the proverbial holes and filling them up again. Or both. Although some products and services are likely to be salable as a result, the primary product would be the finer potential employee ready for working out in the ordinary business world.

Since the nature of what we do is changing rapidly, as civilization advances the needs are not static. So there would likely be lots of fluidity of work position, between corporate employment and then back into the hypothetical human resource development corporation, for more retraining, broadening of skillsets and capabilities, finding new interests, before heading back into the business world workforce in some specific job position again.

There are some apparent advantages to linking this into my earlier proposed "home manufacturing workstation" concept, which could be the worksite at home, linked to function in either the human resource corporation or at times for some specific corporate business function including small scale manufacturing, without the wasteful commute to a central business worksite, for many job junctions.

This concept of an overarching human resource development corporation would include, as I envision it, everybody who is not currently employed in the regular work world. That includes not just the unemployed engineer and dishwasher, but also the handicapped, hospitalized, and retired folks. They all would be seen as potentially able to be productive withing their skillsets and situation; and the hypothetical HR Corporation would have the function of finding out what each person can do for the mutual benefit and satisfaction of both the nation and the individual, and using available resources to connect the individual with the resources for utilizing and improving them.

Most likely the real world situation will just be to stumble along as we are doing, and the corporate would will take up and use people as employees for the normal employment, and all others will just be out in the cold waiting for some business to provide a job. But this concept I have proposed here, at least could be pictured as an alternative that could be of great benefit to the country, and ultimately beneficial back to the conventional corporate business world through having a much finer skillset pool of future employees.


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