Will the profit dollar continue to be more important than the customer

When a switch happens where business development guidance changes from that of providing products and services of benefit to people, to that of making decisions for future approaches to be controlled by the making of the most profit, could be the Achilles Heel of the Free Enterprise System. At that point, the American customer base changes from being a people benefiting by business products and services, to being a monetary resource base to be exploited by business similar to mining the earth for minerals. The nature of the products and services available to the American customer then also changes to that which extracts the most money from them, instead of that which provides them with the best value for the money. Virtual franchise of technology and business territory cinches down the enforceability of this unfortunate turn of events; sometimes even worsened by government agency support for its perpetuation, which sometimes can be reversed by public outrage via widespread petitions against such rulings. Why is it that "it is so difficult to see the forest, because the trees are in the way?" Possibly the grooves of mental processing have been worn deeper on the analytic side via conventional formal educational techniques, so that once we have gone from the overall full picture, to the detailed focus on some particular aspect, we get stuck there in the area of the limited aspect, the grooves are too deep to be easily climbed out of to again attain the full picture of life's needs and opportunities. Will the profit dollar continue to be more important than the people ... and as the people fade in life, so also fades the dollar, as is happening nowadays. (There was an old saying about throwing the baby out with the bathwater; apparently mostly forgotten nowadays.) Is it still possible to switch back to business development guidance being that of providing products and services of most benefit to people, even if not the most profitable? Are there any CEOs that can keep their jobs while doing that; are the investors aware of what they have invested in for their future?

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