Can the working class adequately and wisely govern themselves and this nation

The upcoming election seems to be more clearly than usual, the decision between "can the working class adequately and wisely govern themselves and this nation" if the Democrats adequately win the elections, vs "can the corporations whip the masses back into line to knuckle down and earn money for the corporation bosses" if the Republicans win the elections. If it were not for the fear of losing their jobs for the corporations, the working folks would hardly vote for the Republicans - after all, who really willingly wants rule by those who are of slave-master mentality - I would think that the election by the majority would be extraordinarily lopsided in favor of the Democrats. Probably most people want responsible and wise guidance in their working lives particularly, and to the limited extent the corporate org chart system achieves that, all is well. But the problem with the corporate system of governance is that the corporations tend to have long ago lost sight of the big picture responsibility to the nation and world; they are out to make the most for the investors, while management plushly enjoys status of playing business games with their specific franchised technology bits and pieces to create the very specific and business-franchise-territory limited range of products and services, while using the carrot & stick techniques to force the working class to do the actual production. The working class folks then tend to settle for finding some tolerable job and tunnel-visioned to the tasks set by their corporate bosses each day then go be couch potatoes until going back to work the next day. Are the working class folks competent to lead themselves and the nation; can they seek the missing pieces in the big picture and fill them in, something the corporations cannot do?


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