Let's choose to live for making life easier for each other

From today's Positive Quotes: " What do we live for if it's not to make life less difficult for each other?" by George Elliott; yet, what about bullies, who live to make life more difficult, maybe even making survival impossible, for those who they want to take away from, such as making the finding of an appropriate mate even more difficult? That is basic life stuff, down through the generations.

Bullies grab success through living to be "the boss," which often tries to subject even the women's life functions; yet widespread wholesome living goes instead for Elliott's "What do we live for if it's not to make life less difficult for each other?"

Thus, for a more wholesome nation it makes sense to avoid support for bully-boss types, and instead select leaders who follow this principle clearly described by George Elliot.

To do this, each person often needs to evaluate the alternatives while noticing any ancient instincts, such as those instincts to support the burly aggressive bully types clearly seeking to be in control, because instinctively we think that showing support for the bully will keep the bully off our back if he/she "wins" the boss position, and especially if one depends on support for one's means of livelihood, too often influenced by a personnel data exchange among companies which can act as a power chain from those who rule instead of lead. We even have such instincts reinforced by watching team physical aggression by the rules, such as displayed in many sports and thus ingrained in the subconscious mind. Then all the bully types have to cleverly do, is shout that we have to unite to defend against the bad guys, follow the bully to find out who the bad guys are, whom we must pitch in to help attack.

But there is an old saying about selecting a ruler for protection, since one may then find that one is "protected" out of that all one owns. Is it really preferable to accept a form of familiar routine virtual slavery to bullies, than to live a conscious life of freemen among equals? Have we become too couch-potato-zonked by the boob-tube's endless portrayal of conflict, instead of learning constructiveness by example? Avoiding greedy bully tyranny's activity, even if currently operating within our borders, seems to me an essence of our hallowed Declaration of Independence's principles. How much courage remains among we Americans?

Sometimes a people have little choice, such as when assaulted or being raided and thus have to endure the whims of the bully types; yet, where there still is freedom, it surely makes sense to choose to live for making life easier for each other. Of course, this includes ourselves in the overall system too, as well as all others. Instead of tromping on things, generally urging life to blossom and thrive; the more the merrier, it is said; go for the abundance.


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