Real-world American "Free Enterprise" system

I have finally figured out, even this socially-dimwitted Aspie has, that the real-world American "Free Enterprise" system now in place, really means "Freedom for the big businesses to spot and crush the potential rival independent technologies before they can gain significant public attention." In my Asperger's naivette, I really could not believe such a thing could happen; especially consistently.

And there are no constraints on how cleverly and ruthless the crushing is done; such as arranging fake conferences proclaiming the big established guys can do what the potential rival would have done; thus attracting away those who might have supported the potential rival. Or, they can hurry up and have their engineering departments make similar things, file patents, then sit on the thus locked-up technology to prevent it from happening for America; this is much easier on Corporate Management than restructuring to adapt to something radically new. And who is then left to complain; and who cares anyway?

(This so perfectly explains what has been happening to my "KESTS to GEO" concepts - ref and - which would have been a very major game-changer worldwide - very consistently during the 19 years since 1989 that I have been telling the world about the concept. Even my presentation of the concepts at the 1997 SSI space conference at Princeton got squashed and at the same time the decoy "Space Frontier Society" was formed which actively suppressed the concepts, pretending to enable access to space for all by just doing same old same old by private rocket enterprises, how impossible, since rocketry is far too inherently energy inefficient for adequately large scale uses up to GEO. It even wasn't until 2000 that I was allowed to get a formal peer-reviewed technical paper published on the subject. Nineteen years of progress of civilization was lost thereby; and these concepts probably could have completely prevented the growing energy scarcity, accumulating environmentally toxic industrial wastes and financial crises ongoing; and unfortunately now, the ensuing status quo has made it essentially impossible to happen due to the interim business territories having been established, including international ones' uses of the space below GEO.)

While it is understandable that major "game-changers" are worrisome to those who are on top of the current game and like being there, it all works to keep the status quo, business as usual; and avoids the stress of change, even desirable change. Of course, the American public has lost out this way, big time. And the losing out accumulates over time, ever adding up; it is all downhill from there into the pit; independent Yankee Ingenuity no longer able to significantly carry the flag anymore.

As for possible solutions, this seems to be one of those things that would respond to somehow eliminating the ancient basic "bully mentality." Yeah, right. There is probably no way to do that, too many instincts involved.


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