winning against, vs. loving with

I have been comprehending that the hierarchical framework of those people who are "above" one, "below", and "lateral to" oneself is a way to make a functional team out of people who are inherently assaultive toward others so as to gain what they want. Since that mode is reproductively successful since it is nearly always more efficient to gang up and rip something off others than it is to grow or construct it themselves, most people are of that kind; and so the hierarchical technique is now standard, being a rule set for mutually assaultive interaction to enable some survival.

Getting the higher educational system tied into the process of "winning" and "being better than others" in their minds, is probably much of why the system has worked as well as it has so far. If "getting better grades" is equivalent to "better than others" and thus will put the person higher in the hierarchical framework, it is a goal worth striving for, by the inherently assaultive types. It is a subtle, but ultimately very different result-getting, reason for the student to learn; in contrast to learning for the purpose of the love of knowledge and the application of knowledge in the process of life for one's kind. Although the competitive rival assaultive-types are prone to use knowledge so as to more cleverly assault others, they also tend to get skills which can be hired for the purpose of some constructive use, and thus overall result in the progress of civilization, fumble and bumble as it is.

The hierarchical form of group process to get done what needs be done for the whole to survive, is not the only one that works; but it probably is the only one which works with the basically assaultive form of beings.

My own type of being has a different mode, that of everybody being aware of the common goals and reasons for those goals, and each person tends to be versatile enough to do many kinds of functions, making a "team" that has its "leadership" ever shifting as defined by the task of the moment and the person able to do and lead who happens to be closest to the task at the moment, and then only where there is some need for a "leader" to do some particular task. Normally there is no leader, the people pitch in to get the tasks done, ever busy, and ever watchful of the overall picture so as to anticipate upcoming needs for us. This form of "teamwork" requires a broad comprehension of the overall system and its interactive parts, along with a handy set of specialization skills for when they are needed for some unusual task of the moment. Most importantly, the members are quite lacking the "assaultive" part of personality that craves to compete against others instead of harmoniously interact with them, and do rivalry to determine "who is better than whom"... that kind of personality factor is totally missing in this inherently unified form of people, like I am. Of course, we get mowed down when we encounter a bunch of the assaultive hierarchical people, out to grab the goodies, easy success for them; that is why there are so few like me ... yet perhaps it is my kind that keeps the mix cooled down so the assaultive form of mankind does not exterminate itself so quickly.

Instead of the way of "winning against others," it is the way of "loving with others."

The hierarchical form of coordination works with the broader group of people, and so is the commonly used mode, even if it is a quite inefficient mode for maintaining the overall task collection. It usually bumbles along, with its membership mostly focused on each other, "crab-potted," instead of far more efficiently being guided by the overall picture. Unfortunately this tends to make them unaware that they are massively destroying the world ecosystem bit by bit, even though the ecosystem is the life resource for us all.

Our britches have gotten too big for Mother Nature to continue to clean up after us and make it all well again. Hopefully we will suddenly realize that it is our grown-up task to tend and keep it all, before so much is extinct that the remainder cannot keep the ecosystem balanced even with our best efforts.

(I won't detail the risks of abuse of mighty power in hierarchical righteous rage, that could even nuke (or etc) the planet not just of all people but of most other life too. I worry that the hierarchical mode of taming the assaultive winners, inherently is too unstable for long term survival of the whole.)


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